Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hayden Panettiere

Hi Bellas!

As you know, I've been trying to put out my celebrity tutorials. I'm trying to pick celebrities with great makeup. I've been wanting to do Hayden Panettiere for a while. She's the popular cheerleader off the hit Heroes as well as being other movies including Bring It On 2. She always has a fresh look that I think is very wearable.

Here are some pics:

As you can see, she has great glowing skin. After all, she is a Neutrogena ad girl. I also noticed that she favors a kohl rimmed eye. Her eyes are usually smokey but not overly done.

I decided to do a smudged smokey eye with a hint of bronze. I also went with a shimmery cheek and lip. This tutorial gave me the opportunity to test out Afterglow Cosmetics, a new Organic Mineral Makeup Line.

I tried out a bunch of their products and I will say that I am pretty impressed with the presentation and packaging. The cosmetics are really nicely packaged and come with their own design, sifter, and sticker to make sure everything is sealed properly.

Here are my thoughts on the highs and lows of the products:

Foundation - I found a perfect match in Sunset. It works well but it's not the best I've tried. I notice I need to use more of the powder than usual to get more coverage. I like Pur Minerals better. Afterglow is more on the light coverage side so I'd suggest wearing concealer beforehand.

Bronzer - I used the bronzer in deep and really liked it! It was the perfect color, not too bronzey. I would recommend this...gives a nice bronzed glow and can also be used as a contour color.

Mascara - Did nothing for me. If you're into super natural lashes then I guess this is for you. But most of us aren't, lol, so I wouldn't recommend.

Eyelash Curler - I like the design of the prongs, but it didn't really work well in curling my lashes.

Eyeshadows - Really good...pigmented. Same goes with the eyeliner powders. Most of the colors are earthy tones so no bright ones here. Good for work and everyday natural looks.

Brushes - Pretty good! Not scratchy. The mini kabuki is super soft. I like how they have a sponge tip eyeshadow brush with multiple replacement heads. Vanessa was right...it really does help to use those sponge tip applicators when applying certain shadows.

Overall, this line is a great organic based makeup company. I would recommend this to you guys who are looking for high quality mineral makeup. There are a lot of up and coming mineral makeup companies that aren't exactly the best quality (Ahem Earthen Glow Minerals' foundation). Afterglow cosmetics seems like a professional makeup company with a great line of products.

Now for the look! As you can see, it mainly consists of smudged black liner and a little bronzey brown in the crease and lower lashline. I actually used Afterglow Cosmetics eye liner powders to pull off the look...they're multi-purpose! I'll keep the black liner powder around to set my liner moving forward. It's the perfect black powder.

Check out the tut!

I curled my hair using the flat iron in my last hair tutorial vid :)

Here's What I Used:

-MAC soft ochre paint pot
-Afterglow cosmetics bare eyeshadow
-MAC feline kohl power pencil
-Afterglow cosmetics raven eye shadow powder
-Afterglow cosmetics hot cocoa eyeshadow powder
-Afterglow pure soul mascara
-false lashes
-Rimmel professional brow pencil

-MAC prep and prime
-Afterglow cosmetics mineral foundation in Sunset
-Afterglow cosmetics bronzer in deep
-Afterglow cosmetics dusty rose blush
-MAC mineralized skinfinish in Petticoat

-MAC dervish lip pencil
-MAC sugar trance lipglass

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


Wes said...

I like that look a lot. It's saying a lot but yet it's still very subtle. I'm gonna have to try my hand at duplicating ;-)

Couture Carrie said...

You look smashing, RR~ and I love your inspiration for the glowing skin look!


KiLLaCaM said...

i like this look! how do you feel about feline eye pencil? it runs like crazy on me! i look like the joker at the end of the day with that pencil :(

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-you look gorgeous, a very inspiring post my dear1

Tigress or Tame? said...

Good pic for the first celeb! she is an animal activist too =) Beautiful look.

Girl with Curl said...

I want to try out this look. Definitely wearable for everyday.

Holly said...

I like this look! My only fear in trying this look is removing the eyeliner. What's the best way to remove kohl eyeliner without looking like a raccoon?

Sylvie said...

Great tutorial! I've always wondered what were the secrets to Hayden Panettiere's glowy looks. Not so much a secret anymore! Anw, in the first episode of Heroes after Christmas, she had this stripper pink lipstick that clashed A LOT with the girl-next-door look that she's always been sporting. I was so astonished, I couldn't get that out of my head.

mandilicious said...

wow..i like this one, subtle yet sexy!..i love how you do your brows, you have to teach me, mine always end up looking too harsh.. :(

and yea, that person was just down-right mean..he/she doesn't even know how it really is..aahhh, haters..

Kimberly Tia said...

Watch out Hayden Ren's coming thruu!!!!

I swear I always find myself going :
"OoOoo cuuute.. OoOo sexy" when I'm here reading your entries girl...then im like: "Wait for it -- wait for it...."

Then BAM... "ren's signature pose"

love it...

FuN and MakeUp said...

gorgeous! hayden p. usually has on the natural makeup cuz of her skin color.. u did a nice job! i love that dark brown shadow on u!

jilliandanica said...

this is really pretty! what MAC eyeshadows would you say are equivalent to the mineral ones you used?

you are seriously so good at what you do! really inspirational! thanks for this =)

iamgrape1119 said...

Woah, I love how glossy your lips look and how sophisticated the whole look is! You are so talented!

Mina said...

This is an amazing look on you Ren, I saw the vid on YouTube before you posted it here. I think the curls in your hair really soften it up as well.

Love it!

Vanessa said...

Lovely look sis!

BumbleBee said...

OMG, I love the look and love the camera. It bring justice to the look.

esha87 said...

Wow its simply great news. Nice efforts pic are so cool!
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