Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Huge Makeup Contest Giveaway #2

Hi Bellas,

The contest was such a huge success how could I not do another one? I've gotten a few requests to do another one, so here goes!

This contest is going to be a bit simpler than the first one.

-You must be a Makeup By Ren Ren YouTube Subscriber...if you aren't already, just hit the yellow button on my YouTube page to subscribe.
-Leave a comment on this entry with your YouTube name telling me you would like to enter.
-Make a video response to this video. It should be a makeup tutorial with a look you think Iwould know my preference for colors...pick one you think i'd like to wear!
-The makeup tutorial can be a live video or a picture video. Last time I didn't allow picture entries and I wanted to give those an opportunity to enter who couldn't because of this restriction last time. The only thing is that you must have a full face picture stealing! If you don't have a full face shot, your entry will be disqualified.
-List the makeup products you used in the description box.

-You have till Wednesday, February 25th, Midnight at eastern standard time to submit the entry. if you know you may have issues with uploading, please don't wait till the day before...I want to make sure I enforce this fairly. Last time I let a lot of late entries in and this time there will be no exceptions.
-I will announce the winner on March 11th and will mail out the package soon after.

-There will be one grand prize winner
-I'll wear the look in the results video!
-You'll win $100 worth of makeup! Leave me suggestions of products you want on my video comment wall or on this comment wall and I'll pick them out. Just make sure to be reasonable so that I can purchase a decent amount of products with the $100.

Good luck!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


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Noelle said...

i just became a fan of yours the other unfortunately i am too late for this contest. but please do a number 3!!! i will be following your site and on youtube. your tutorials are great! i want to do makeup as good as you!

theonly said...

wow!amazing contest!!!!
well, I'd like to recive products from the most important brands such as NARS, URBAN DECAY....but most of all MAC!beacuse here in Italy there isn't any!!kisses for you... I hope to win!!my user is theonly1onef

codePURPLE15 said...
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viet_chick93 said...

hi i want to participatei been u sucriber for long time and my username is aznjokernerd thank you!! ^_^

Ida said...

hey there, i'd love to enter,
my utube name is alteschwedin93

MRS.Pattinson said...

Heyy Ren Ren,
I'd love to enter. My youtube name is: DeathBySunlight

In the prize, my suggestion would be, liquid liner, because I think everyone uses it. Bojouis lipglosses are amazing, or anything Barry M.

Thanks Alort. :)

Alien said...

Hi RenRen, my youtube account is alienduong and i'd love to join this contest...:X

Bri said...

Hi I would love to enter your contest...My Name is BriJKrup.

DarkGlacia said...

Hello, I hope there's still time to enter... Umm, My YouTube name is AngelicGardevoir. So... yeah. :) Thanks!

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