Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Huge Makeup Contest Giveaway #2

Hi Bellas,

The contest was such a huge success how could I not do another one? I've gotten a few requests to do another one, so here goes!

This contest is going to be a bit simpler than the first one.

-You must be a Makeup By Ren Ren YouTube Subscriber...if you aren't already, just hit the yellow button on my YouTube page to subscribe.
-Leave a comment on this entry with your YouTube name telling me you would like to enter.
-Make a video response to this video. It should be a makeup tutorial with a look you think Iwould know my preference for colors...pick one you think i'd like to wear!
-The makeup tutorial can be a live video or a picture video. Last time I didn't allow picture entries and I wanted to give those an opportunity to enter who couldn't because of this restriction last time. The only thing is that you must have a full face picture stealing! If you don't have a full face shot, your entry will be disqualified.
-List the makeup products you used in the description box.

-You have till Wednesday, February 25th, Midnight at eastern standard time to submit the entry. if you know you may have issues with uploading, please don't wait till the day before...I want to make sure I enforce this fairly. Last time I let a lot of late entries in and this time there will be no exceptions.
-I will announce the winner on March 11th and will mail out the package soon after.

-There will be one grand prize winner
-I'll wear the look in the results video!
-You'll win $100 worth of makeup! Leave me suggestions of products you want on my video comment wall or on this comment wall and I'll pick them out. Just make sure to be reasonable so that I can purchase a decent amount of products with the $100.

Good luck!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


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Redz2486 said...

Hiya, can international folks enter? Laura x

Tigress or Tame? said...

yay,contest! Prizes that I would like to see are some of the BBR products that you gave good reviews to (like the Redhead MSF, Henna, Marquis' D, Live and Dye, 100 strokes). I also would love to see some CRC face palettes! That is the main thing I need to complete my kit =( Oh yeah....and maybe something cute from the HK Collection!

Amina said...

thank you for the contest!!
can we send an email with pictures?
I've been practicing your signature pose

Amina said...

I forgot my youtube name is nwele

MakeupByRenRen said...

open to international folks! amina, if you can put the pictures in a slideshow using windows movie maker or imovie, that would be great, lemme know if you need help!

Couture Carrie said...

Woo hooo! You are so generous, r2!


Redz2486 said...

Cool, I would like to enter. My YT user name is Redz2486.

Going to get it done tonight! x

mstyana said...

I wanna enter the contest. my youtube is

DarkxAbyssmalxSoul said...

My YT name is DarkxAbyssmalxSoul

A Couple of brushes would be nice like the 217 218 224 226 239 etc, Coastal Scents items are always great, or maybe some Hello Kitty?

stephie_boni said...

I'm participating !!!

my username is stephbusta

SugarRimmed said...

Hey! I think the best idea would be giftcards! This way shipping would cost you almost nothing and people would get themselves what they would want. =)

p.s. You're AWESOME for doing this!!!

My YOUTUBE username is CperCent.

Jadee said...

YAY a contest!!
I would like to enter im going to do the video either today or tommorow evening. My YT username is: MAKEUPoMAMA92

Thanks x

andrea_20k said...

I'm excited, this will be the first contest I've entered. I would like to participate. My user name is andrea20k. I'm very interested in MAC Pigments. Can't afford MAC being that I'm in college. If I win I will feature the products on my channel. Thanks Ren for hosting a new makeup contest.

G_lady_Remixxx said...

I would like to participate.
My youtube-name is GLRmakeup.


Hanane said...

My username on youtube is xquisit3... I really need to think over what I want... can we post the wishlist on the respons video???

Tima said...

Hiya =)

I would love to participate <3

My youtube name is Tima248
thank you for holding this contest you are such an awesome person <3

Take care


MrsAliceCullen said...

I'd like to enter. My username on youtube is MrsALiceCullen

jenevieve said...

hi renren,

i would like to enter, my youtube name is: jo112205

InnovativeEssence said...

Hey RenRen,

I am so going to enter your contest! My Youtube user name is INNOVATIVEESSENCE


Kpixie said...

I want to enter. My YT name is pixiehousewife

idontknowmomo said...

My youtube name is Idontknowmomo, and I plan on entering your contest :]
A prize that I, personally, would love getting that you have reviewed before is the Yaby something bright Pallet.
Thanks for having another contest hon :]

ellamejia2001 said...

I would like to enter. My youtube account is ellamejia2001.

Sassy Sunshine said...

i would love to enter!
my YouTube name is sassysunshine01.

i'm so excited!

Charlene said...

count me in!
yt: jcanangel
one great prize i can think of would be the UD 24/7 kit
now to come up with something complex...:)

Fegnie said...

Hey I wanna enter. My youtube name is iicycoco!! yay im excited

Nikol210 said...

I am going to enter! my YT username is Nikol210

I think a great prize would be...
MAC Hello Kitty Collection items
MAC e/s

You are soo awesome, thanks for another contest!


jcell said...

yay!! i would love to enter i'm excited!! my youtube name is

julie said...

Yay, a contest! My username is jinglejangl97. I can't wait to make my video!

Laurie said...

Yeah I am so excited to do this.
My youtube name is

I would like to see some pigments, shadesticks, and primers

Ida said...

I want to enter :D:D aww ! I´m so happy ^^
My youtube name is Idos17.
I´m gonna make a video ;*

BE.BELLA said...

i would love to enter! my youtube name is BebellaArtistry

Ami said...

yay! i totally would love to enter! name: SparkChemistry

and some prizes i think would be totally rocking would be some of the most loved MAC brushes like the 187 or the 217. And something from the hello kitty collection...kute!! :)
Coastal Scents palettes are lovely too.

latinprincess18 said...

yay a contest..! This is going to be my first contest entry and my first tutorial as well. so im very excited. my youtube name is
thanks for this opportunity.
Good luck to everyone else as well..

Drroxxette said...

I'll be entering! Woot! Youtube name's Drroxxette.

Alexis said...

I would love to YT name is Lexiwiththecurls

liciousmeo said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!CONtEST!!!so exciting...well wat i would like for you to put as prizes are some makeup brushes...very kewl eyeshadow[[any kind you like at least its some of ur favorites..and im going to enter this excited..!

Irendi3786 said...

I would like to enter. My YT name is irendi3786.

thaichilisauce said...

i'd like to enter!
youtube name is thaichilisauce =)

Lauren said...

Hi my youtube name is AphroditeAllure :) i really want to win! Im so excited!

Solace said...

Youtube name "SolaceAction"

I can't wait to come up with something new for you!

yanin&edgar said...

youtube name makeuplover5 n yes i will most defenatly love to enter

yanin&edgar said...

makeuplover5 i will like to enter

Sherry said...

totally totally!!!! I WANNA ENTER!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! wow... so muc h makeup! :D my youtube name is heavenlites!! :P yaay.. can it be extremely creative or do we have to copy ur style.. coz you ve done vidz on themes actually so... ? pls answer :) oh, and one winner only?

j3n17r said...


i'm entering your fab. contest!!!!!

j3n17r said...

yt name story1004
and i'm entering your fab contest!
(there might be a comment from me already, but it's not showing up so i'm posting another one just in case <3

... said...

I'd like to enter, makeupbymegan.

Mari said...

Thanks for the contest! My youtube username is StrawberrynApples. I'd love to enter!

MyBeautiSpot said...

Hii i would like to participate in the contest. Username: Mybeautispot

WindyZephyr said...

Thanks for the contest :)
Im going to enter!

My username is: Windyzephyr

christinne123 said...

I would like to participate :)
Username: christinne123


Christine, x

JAMOnMyOwnShow425 said...

Hi RenRen! I'm super excited about this contest. It'll be my first!! My username is AprilMaex3

miss delff said...

i totally agree with "Nikol210"

one of the prices should be something from the MAC hello kitty collection.
here in argentina we are still in the "red she said" collection, and never recieved the heatherette or fafi one,(i looked foward to those two:[)so i doubt that we will recieve the hello kitty one.
but anyways,
maybe a NARS duo or a too faced shadow insurance.

i will enter.
username: rushiemakeup

lots of love!!!

Darcy said...

I would love to participate.

Thank you so much for doing this :))

Nars Deep Throat blush would be amazing in the giveaway, I think its great on any skin tone.


HilsHeavenScents on Youtube

Wafa said...


I want to participate in this one too! I love your contests! They are just too fab! <3

P.S. My youtube name is: caramelle47


FuN and MakeUp said...

i wish i can join! but no way can i put my face up on there... so did u go to the MAC HELLO KITTY PARTY?

Bella said...

I'd Love to enter
i'm in it to win it =]

User name : YUMZIZA

Bella said...

i'm in it to win it =]

I love ur videos ! your my favorite =]

Username: yumziza

anastasia said...

Hi...I would like to enter your contest my YoutTube name is EnviedBeautyQueen....and suggestions for prizes i think coastal scents products would be great!!!Well thx TTYL


fantbulous<3 said...

woot woot!
this is so exiting! :D
i will love and enter your
fantbulous contest
my user name is: ilovemakeuphun2
you suppa generous.!

M. Wendy said...

Hi Ren!
I would love to enter your contest! My youtube username is buzzfuzzbunny. I think for the prize, its better if its in a form of a $100 gift card, so we can spend it over a period of time, not all at once. For example, I am totally gonna buy all the duo blushes from the Grand Duos collection that's coming out in March =P but in the end, its up to you of course =) Thank you so much for your generosity.

roachstyles said...

Hey ren! this is going to be a fun contest, and also my very first! I would love for this to be my first one to do. My yt name is roachstyles. As for prizes, i can never get sick of eye shadow palettes and brushes! Pigments i love too!

Priscila said...

Hi :) I'm going to participate. My youtube is PeaceLoveAndPrissy.

Some ideas for prizes:
MAC gift card (that way the person can get what they want and you don't risk giving stuff they have, plus shipping is cheap!)
MAC 239
HK Collection items
MAC quad (with good starter colors)
Paint Pots

Crystal said...

hey renren, i would like to enter your contest! products that i would really like are :

my youtube name is : ahdicted2u

i would like:

mac strobe cream

or maybe a giftcard to somewhere for my mommy :) it's almost her bday!

Thanks Ren,


tokyollvogue said...


hey,girl, hey!
i've decided to wo[MAN] up and try out for this contest.

my youtube name is: tokyollvogue

best of luck to all you equally talented ladies!

Erin said...

Hi Ren!

i would like to enter please..Ü

my youtube id: erin724

i would really love the 217, 219, 222 brushes from mac..Ü

and can i just say, you are so generous for doing this contest..Ü

l.e.h.u.a said...

Hi Ren :]
i would LOVE to enter your contest!
My youtube name is : localleh.

iheartmochi said...

Hey ren ren. I would love to enter your contest. My youtube name is iheartm0chi. Sugestions for prizes would be:
- mac 217, 224, or 134, msf for olive toned skin, mac hello kitty brushes, hello kitty palette in dolly, or anything hello kitty
- urban decay shadows, udpp in sin, urban decay palette in skull or ammo


KiLLaCaM said...

Hey Ren! My 1st contest! Whoo Hoo! my youtube name is: EclecticBeauty08. Anything you recommend for a good kit would be awesome!

Thanks for doing are BEYOND generous!

MyliaBiz said...

I would like to enter the contest. My YouTube name is: kyarbough

iPinkyx3 said...

Hi Ren Ren, i would like to participate :)

My name on youtube is: iPinkyx3

And for prices...hmm..i think some brushes would be awesome, or maybe somethin' from the HK collection :)

Kisses :**

Addicted2Makeup531 said...

yay!im so excited this would be my 1st contest
i tried making a video tutorial and it didnt work out that well lol and i dont know how to edit
so how can i make a picture video?
thankx so much<33
your awesome!

Addicted2Makeup531 said...

also were do i post the video?
im sorry i never did this before

Susan said...

Hi.. I would like to enter..
I'm from Chile that's a problem? ... =)

My user name is: susanjo27



sweeney13todd said...

I want to participate, but i'm not in US.

my user name is: SWEENEY13TODD

Kels said...

I'd love to enter! :)

My youtube name is kels823.


Martha said...

I'd love to enter =]
my youtube name is Bracefacebaby123

01adorable said...

I wOuld LOVE tO enter the cOntest

My youtube name is 01adorable

01adorable said...

I wOuld LOVE to enter.

My youtube name is 01adorable

Shannan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
le said...

Hey girl I'll enter your contest this time around. I didn't enter the first one so I must enter this one! For contest prizes I guess things from the BBR collection like the redhead msf. Hmm..a good eye base, colors you think are must haves. A foundation primer even maybe or brushes. I donno just "must have" type things haha or you could always throw in a lil gift card along with some prizes of your choice.

yt: midgetmakeup

Lady Tsicc said...

hey i want to enter the contest.. my youtube name is daijahandalenasmommy

Windystar said...

Hey Girlie...Love your videos! I'm a my video may be a little cheesie...but I'm down to try! ;)

Something I'd like to as a prize...The MAC 182 Buffer Brush, or the 134 Large Powder Brush...

bambi said...

thank you for doing this contest!

on youtube i'm fuckslutrockx

Amelia said...

I think this sounds easier than the last one, not as much problems with editing, etc. I don't do videos, but this one might be my first! how exciting. :)
youtube name: swtlitchi

fuunkyfreesh said...

YT Username: hungrylilannie

I think it would be awesome to mix up the prize by putting in items from different make up brands. MAC, Smashbox, Urban Decay, NARS, MUFE, NYX etc... Include a palette or quad, some lipsticks, lipgloss, blush etc... Especially stuff from the Hello Kitty collection! <3

wesleyanne2007 said...

Hi! I've never entered a makeup contest before, but I LOVE your tutorials and totally want to enter! My youtube name is wesleyanne2007! For prizes, I'd really like a MAC brush set (cuz mine kinda or some MAC pigments (because they ROCK!!!!). You're amazing! Thanks for your time and inspiration.

Caroline said...

Hi RenRen! my youtube name is Cary1231 and i LOVE to join your contest:)

cookiechick123 said...

hi i would like to enter my youtube user is - cookiechick123

i guess u could do the kinda thing Tigress or tame? suggested..

thanx xx

Mibf12345678910 said...

Hi i wanna enter my youtube names mibf982096111

Olivia said...

im interessted!!
just some mac things would be good for the prizes...
my channel is oliviamakeupchannel

wietje said...

hi RenRen i'd like to enter youru makeup contest, my youtube account is BritishAccentRules. I'll take whatever you wanted to give me, thank youuuuu!!! btw, i didn't use my email it's my mom's, cause i don't have any google account.

laurelx3 said...

Hey Ren, please can i enter.
Youtube name - laurelfx3
Im from the UK so just wandering if I can still enter. Prizes I would like are the
Costal Scents 88 Peice Makeup Palette
Mac 209, 217 and 239 Brush
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Costal Scents Gel Liner - True Black

Angel said...

hey!yay!contest time!
my YT name is blackbeary000

krystina said...

im going to enter (: bbygirl321

Sammi said...

Heyy enter me into the contestt
my youtube user name is

chineei said...

Hey ren ren, I'm going to entering this contest.
username: nyCHineei

Jessica Roberts said...

My username is themakeupreviewer!

Jessica D said...

oh I love your website! I love your haul videos! enter me!

Angela said...

hi i would like to enter. my youtube account is angiela

verypeachy17 said...

hey gurl!!! im entering the contest yay me!!! my YT name is VeryPeachy17

xoxo<3 Nikki

anaiz said...

hi wana enter yt coachanaiz21

mominahussain said...

i want to enteryour contest my youtube name is mominahussain thanx for this contest i could not enter the first one but i will be entering this one

jase329 said...

hey renren!! its jase329, i will be participating!! thanks

jase329 said...

hey renren! it jase329, i will be participating!! thank you!

maremare24 said...

hi! thank you for the opertunity to win make up!

my user name is

Melody said...

Hi renren I Will love to participate~~ my youtube name is melodymr

xxxtotallymakeupxxx said...

I what to enter plese sceen name

makeupbybella said...

Hi Renren! This sounds fun & exciting! I'd love to join, hehe. My youtube is - makeupbybella

Amber said...

I would love to enter! My YouTube username is herbreakdown. I am putting the video together as we speak and will be submitting it ASAP!

Ceceheartsmkeup said...

I would luv to enter this contes! My YT name is sweetladi09!!! Thanx luv!!!

hermione9713 said...

Hi! I plan on entering this contest. YT name: hermione9713


hey renren i'm going to enter this fun contest too! thanks so much!

yt name: xjensmakeupbagx

Monika said...

I would like to participate.
My youtube-name is madam3737. good luck for everyone!! By the way - I am from Poladn - so is it possible for me to be the participant!?

mitzieg said...

love your contests ren!


prizes? hmm...
pro products you love??

bms82NAU said...

Hey I am going to enter your contest! My youtube name is: bms82NAU

rhodaaababy said...

hey ren ren,
i would love to enter your contest, my youtube screen name is thatgirlrhoda. thank you!

macface2adore said...

Channel name: macface2adore
My name is Jennifer and I am very interested in entering the contest...very generous. I also listed on your comment wall, but I am not sure what is easiest for you.
I am going to name a few things just as ideas. Please don't think I am mentioning all of these to be purchased, some are brushes, but since you have a pro card, i know you believe that tools are key for achieving a great look: MAC invisible setting powder, mac 109, mac 213(so overlooked),mac 209, some nice lashes...MAC or Red Cherry, Ben Nye Final Seal, mixing medium water based and whatever you want to give. I thought these would be different and add some flavor not knowing the skin tone of the person winning. Your fav items would be loved by us all! Everything you have referred to me has worked like a dream. Good luck to all:) macface2adore on youtube:)Jennifer

Ambz said...

Hiya! I'd like to enter, and my youtube user name is: iHeartxContests
Can people from England enter? I hope so. That 88 coastal pallette thing would be lovely as a prize, as well as a Hello Kitty item, and maybe even a brush set?
Thanks for the contest =].

Sarah VB said...

I'm extremely excited for this contest!

(aka: Sarah)

lizzieroxxie said...

Hiya! ^-^

Im Lizzie

and my youtube is Lizzieroxxie

id like to enter!

i def think you should incllude pigments,different eyelashes,eyeliners,duos :)

tinks1mommy said...

Im entereing I know theres so many other girls that do great makeup too ill see how i name is tinks1mommy

Kathy said...

My YT name is Briseida80.

Im so excited that international folks can entry. Its so nice of you to see to put a $100 for prizes! I thinks some gel liner or face paletts from CS would be nice or the mac 226.

lilsnugi44 said...

i'm entering my youtube name is lilsnugi44

Leo said...

Hey! I'm for sure going to enter the contest; my YouTube username is...


As far a prizes go, maybe one of the coastal scents gel liner sets or a good set of MAC brushes! You know, some face brushes like the 188 or 109 and some eye brushes like 239, 217, 219 etc... Basics! Good brushes are the ey to good make up, no?

torigirl said...

I think I wil post my entry tomorrow!
YouTube Username:victoriahnudell
Prize suggestions:
MAC Helllo Kitty Brush Set
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
NARS Orgasm Blush
MUFE Concealer Palette
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Hello Kitty Beauty Powders
Magnified Makeup Mirror
MAC Neutral Eyeshadows

torigirl said...

I think I wil post my entry tomorrow!
YouTube Username:victoriahnudell
Prize suggestions:
MAC Helllo Kitty Brush Set
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
NARS Orgasm Blush
MUFE Concealer Palette
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Hello Kitty Beauty Powders
Magnified Makeup Mirror
MAC Neutral Eyeshadows

michelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jeanettejimen said...

i want to participate...yay...=0)!

michelle said...

yay i already posted a video.
i forgot you have a MAC pro card so i can ask for more items :D ha.
so the 188 brush.
222 brush.
any one MSF from the brunette blonde redhead collection.
oil free control lotion.
strobe cream.
folie e/s

majhowee said...

i sooo wanna join!hopefully, the pimple by my eye will disappear b4 the due date so i can make the vid.and it just surfaced outta nowhere last night!ggrrr!

my youtube name is majhowee

Ekyn Nikiys said...

hey there ren!
thanks for welcoming international subcribers..
i think i would actually enter your contest..
it would be like my 1st tutorial on YT!

btw, my yt username is: ekyn86

Jackie said...

Hey ren! i love love love your videos... it is so sweet that your planning to do a contest and let people comment instead of post a video.. once again love your videos, keep up the good work! -sw33tNpreshuz

PiriPiri said...

I'd love to enter ur contest! My YT user is PiriPirix3 =] x x x

eiccle said...

i would love to you tube name is eiccle.

BeautyFromWithin said...

I want to enter your contest
My YouTube name is BeautyFromWithinXoXo

120 color pallet
and I have never tried MAC so I would love to try their eyeshadows and glosses or fluid line

adimepeace said...

i would like to participate ur contest. my youtube name is adimepeace.

Galaxy2163 said...

I would like to enter! My YT name is Galaxy2163. I'd like a sephora or mac giftcard. If it has to be like actual products then I'll have to think! lol

Aliviah said...

Hey girl, I'm gonna enter my video. Thanks so much to another contest! I agree with torigirl on the prizes. Btw I am cupcakegirl4ever on YT.

KrystleRos said...

Hey RenRen!

I'm going to enter,my username on youtube is: KrystleRos


Amanda said...

Hey RenRen! My name's mackeyan and I want to enter your contest! Thanks:)

shadow87eyes said...

my user name is: sadow87eyes

im going to do a video response to the contest, and products for the prizes maybe blush from the hk collection or eyeshadow from there.. maybe the max fix spray!

well good luck to all!

Misty said...

youtube- Mistyn3

I want to enter. I used:
Makeup forever yellow
too faced mess in a dress
urban decay oil slick
mac penultimate liner
tippy blush with fun and games over it
big bow lipstick
diorshow blackout mascara

Sarah said...

hey! i'd like 2 enter :D randomawesomeness125

Shanna said...

Hi there,

I would like to enter the contest, my username is MissShanna.


Shanna said...

Hi there,

I would like to enter the contest, my username is MissShanna.


arciellax3 said...

my youtube username is:


thank you for hosting this contest!

jooLee said...

i am entering! youtube: jooLee

Gabrielle said...

I'm entering :)

smiley13tree said...

i'd love to enter. I am smiley713tree on youtube.

xchels008 said...

HELLO! im interested in doing thisssss(= my youtube name is pinaybanthin!

Brittany said...

hey hey um jsut wanted to say that im gonna enter the contest and again if i could win id want some stuffs from the hello kitty collection from mac just no red lipstick and that would be my first mac item

Bianca said...

heyy i'm entering =]

my youtube name is thejoyofbeauty

pinkpopstar333 said...

i want to enter~ my username is pinkpopstar333

tpinky<333 said...

hey i would love to enter this contest.thanks for the opportunity :)
tpinky7777 is my youtube channel name and this is only my second contest

Kim said...

Yes, I'll probaly enter.
YT - ndreaftw1989

Jessica said...

Sure, I'll give it a shot! :]
YT: JessicaLeeRoberts

only x lindah said...

eeek! my first live video :D

my youtube is: xxlindah

thanks for the contest! :)

winstonluv12 said...

my youtube username is: winstonluv12

Gemini52186 said...

I would like to enter.
Username on Youtube:Gemini52186
Any good quality makeup would be a GREAT.

Turkishdelight573 said...

hi :))))
thankyou so much for this contest
my user name is turkishdelight573

lishasstuff said...

im entering for sure!!! im making the video right now!!

miriam said...

hey renren i am soo excited about ur contest so please enter me in wooooooow!

miriam said...

hey rrenren i am sooo excited about ur contest giveaway .......and i really want to enter so please enter me in

sarah said...

hi i am entering ur contest my yt user name is trumpetfrack1997 i would like nyx nars and mac makeup i mostly want mac plz the palletes and liquid liner and the stuff faffentettx3 sprays on the brushes before using powder. and stuff like that

xoannie said...

I'd love to enter, my youtube username is sw33tbabie09.


Jade said...

hey girl i would love to enter your contest!! my youtube name is simpleyymee!! =)

BEMJELR said...

I am totally name is b_martinez0


Whiterz said...

ooo this is going to be fun!!

MY BIRTHDAY is on FEBRUARY 25th!!! so I hope I win!!!


my YT name is Whiterzzz

babielovex3 said...

hey renren
well i would love to join your contest so i can finnaly have a new and first video on my channel;
well my channels name is babielovex3

Kristine N. said...

my YT name is hellookrissy

XoXoXKaRiNaXoXoX said...

Hey girl! I want to enter your contest. This is my youtube name....XoXoXKaRiNaXoXoX.....My camaras quality aint that great....I hope you like!

pinkplanet9 said...

hey i would like to enter the contest my name is lilmisscheeky4u

pinkplanet9 said...

hey umm my name on utube is lilmisscheeky4u

pinkplanet9 said...

hey my utube ac is lilmisscheeky4u

Nishalei Taira said...

I'd like to enter.

my youtube name is nleixbaby

If i would win the drawing,
I'd like just the coastal scents 88 palette.
And Mac brushes. That's all..

Just to save your money of yours :)

i said...

my youtube name is Dulceisha
An d I would like to enter.
I'll do a pink/purple look.
What I would like to add in the prize if I win is:
- Brushes ( 217 and a blending brush.)
- Gel eye liner and the brush.
- A blush, Lipstick.
- Eyelashes.

Well these are my preference. The first 2 are more important. U will know what u wanna buy extra..

Thank you very much.

sweeetyasian said...

im totally entering the contest!
youtube name: sweeetyasian
prizes i would like to see
brushes MAC 109 or 187
MAC fixplus
two faced shadow insurance policy
Coastal Scents 88 pallette
Coastal Scents 13 Pc Brush Set

MakeupChica said...
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MakeupChica said...

I would like to enter the contest. my youtube name is belladominicana23. Some things I would like to see as the prize are mac items, or maybe coastal scents.

smudgesticktutorials said...

Ciao RenRen :)
I would like to enter this contest. My youtube username is

Charmy said...

Hey Renren,
Im entering your contest and my username is illestpinay.

nugeeyang said...

Hi RenRen! I'd like to enter this contest. Some prizes I could definately use would be Nar's deep throat blush, empty mac eyeshadow palette, and some eyeshadow brushes.. 217, 222, 224 =) Thanks a million!

mishelleakamishy said...

Hey Ren, I just posted my video to your contest! I think a great gift would be a MAC eyeshadow palette started off (obvioiusly not completely filled, that's more then the price limit, but it can be filled a lil more then half way!). I think that would be great. Or something like that, hopefully everyone will want MAC products since you get a discount and that $100 might not have to be the full amount :)

mishelleakamishy said...

Oh yeah and my name on youtube is mishelleAKAmishy

NatalieTKD said...

Hi. I haven't got time to do a video :(. So can you enter me into the random drawing.
My username on Youtube is-

For prizes I'd love to have-

black coastal scents gel liner

And if poss, the website's neutral eyes palette.

aand I'd love MAC eyeshadows in black tied and ricepaper.

And I saw a tutorial using the very gorgeous Girl About Town lipstick by MAC. So I very much would love that.

So anything from that wishlist that amounts to the price limit you have set.

Thank you!!

xleideejx33 said...

hi renren! my youtube name is xleideejx33. please enter me. thanks.

Malakie Grey said...

hey! i'd like to enter your makeup contest. my youtube account is

MakeupXa said...

Hi RenRen,

I'm interested in entering your 2nd contest! My youtube name is MakeupXa.


MakeupXa said...

Hi RenRen,

I'm interested in entering your 2nd contest! My youtube name is MakeupXa.


MakeupXa said...

Hi RenRen,

I'm interested in entering your 2nd contest! My youtube name is MakeupXa.


MakeupXa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MakeMeUp101 said...

hi ren, my youtube name is makemeup101 and i definitely would like to enter your contest!

Thank you for the contest and your wonderful tutorials!


cindycs said...

hey ren i'd love to enter your contest!!!! please enter me in the random drawing, and my youtube name is cindycs88!1

suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

well i guess im just gonna go ahead and enter with the one i wanted to in the first place! count me in. suzy / macNC40 =)

BaBy_D said...

i am entering this contest..thanks =) my youtube name is tisay4life
goodluck to everyone

LemondSqueezed said...

Just making sure I did this...

I'm entering the contest, my user name is:


I'd love some MAC brushes and basics!! (i.e. 239, 109, 188 Fix Plus, Invisible Set Powder...)
Random products would be amazing. Anything you feel would be useful in a kit for photoshoots and such... I'm just not looking for any products really (as far as eye shadow, blush, lipsticks, MAC wipes etc...) But more like, tools to use and basic things in a kit.

Thanks for holding the contest, you're amazing!

Miss Jessica said...

I want to enter my Youtube account is MissJessicaT.
Prizes I think the Mac 226 brush would be good. Nars blush Mac contour MSf's. Products you recommend for all skin types.
Thanks for having this contest!!!!

suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

oh for suggestions for prizes... fix+, mac 109 brush, maybe pro products that not everyone can get to, HK stuff... giftcards... or skincare stuff... (=

Vonnette Stewart said...

I RenRen... I hope I'm not too late.. My user name on youtube is Vmarie401... and I would love to enter your contest..I watch your videos all the time and learn sooo much!!!Hope I'm not too late Bye

Vonnette Stewart said...

RenRen... I hope I'm not too late.. My user name on youtube is Vmarie401... and I would love to enter your contest..I watch your videos all the time and learn sooo much!!!Hope I'm not too late Bye

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