Day in the Life with A Newborn - The Real Non Glamorous Version

Hi Bellas,

Armed with my newborn, a tripod and camera, I attempted to film this popular video - day in the life with a new born.  I didn't have a camera man...there's no makeup and fancy editing, just a real day in the life with me and my little one.  I hope you enjoy it and see the real side of life with a new born.

Check out the video!

In this video I show you my real day from waking up to putting baby down for the night.  Warning - I'm not very glamorous.  There's no makeup, the lighting isn't perfect, and I'm a new mom so I'm already expecting some comments criticizing the way I do things.  But I still wanted to keep this video super honest and real for those of you who really want to know what life with a newborn is really like.  

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