Baby Update - 2 Months Post Post Partum - 1st Baby

Hi Bellas,

Can you believe baby girl is two months old?  Check out how both me and baby girl are doing 8 weeks into the game.  I give you an update on my new adventures into breast pumping, how we dealt with a constipated baby and of course give you my 2 month belly shot.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

Mommy Updates

  • Pumping - I started pumping at 4 weeks and everything is going well.  I think I was a little obsessive about it and have been over pumping to build a supply as I started returning back to work doing makeup gigs around 6 weeks.  I'm trying to ease back and pump twice a day because my freezer is pretty packed and I primarily work from home.
  • Return to work - At 6 weeks I started returning to work, I've done two weekend weddings, spoke at a conference and have taught at the makeup academy a few times.  It's early but I'm easing back into it.  I'm lucky I don't have to go into my job every day.
  • 6 Week Check Up - My doctor said I'm all healed down there.  I went on birth control and she also prescribed me a pill for the vajayjay to restore moisture down there...apparently breast feeding dries you out, yikes!
  • Wine!  - I went to a couples game night, my first fun night out and had two glasses of wine, yay!  I used my alcohol test strips and had to pump and dump when I got home put it was worth it.  
  • Workout - I started working out around 6 weeks after everything was cleared by my doctor.  I've been doing a lot of post partum fitness videos on youtube, trying to gently ease myself back into it.  I'm still pretty weak.

Baby Updates
  • One Month Appointment - Baby girl is still growing and everything is ok!  
  • Bottle Feeding - Baby girl started to take a bottle a few times for when mommy had to go out.  At first she was a little weirded out but not she is going strong.  We had to switch to the smallest nipple size so she wouldn't over drink.  We like avent bottles with the newborn nipple.
  • Newborn Pics - We took newborn pics, they were stressful!  We should've done it when she was two weeks or less.  But the pictures came out gorgeous.
  • Sleeping - Baby girl is pretty much sleeping through the night but we're working on our daytime naps.
  • Probiotics - Baby girl went from 2 poopy diapers a day to once a week.  Mommy and daughter started taking probiotics and it seems to help a lot.  
  • Wonder Weeks App - This app shares baby's different development leaps so you can see how they change and what to expect.  It's pretty spot on.
  • Body Fit by Amy on YouTube - she has a great post partum workout series that isn't intimidating but gets you moving.