Danessa Myricks Master Makeup Class - Overview and Glowy Skin Tutorial Using Vision Cream Cover Foudation

Hi Bellas,

I have a pretty cool video if I do say so myself - it's a recap of one of my huge makeup inspirations Danessa Myricks and her Atlanta Master Class.  I give a recap of the class as well as an demo using her foundations and techniques.  

Check out the video!

It's all about shapes and textures.  Danessa is a big fan of layering makeup in groups of 3 - for example sheering out foundation with oil to apply liquid shimmer to apply a base color, a highlight and contour shade.  Follow this with foundation, then powder.  This creates her signature glowing skin look.

This is a working shot of one of her models from class.

I love how Danessa used everyday items to create her makeup effects - everything from glycerin, hair sheen oil, to clay.  Here's a shot of her amazing work.

We also got a chance to see how Danessa lights and photographs her models.  Major kudos for her for being super real and vulnerable, allowing us to see her raw work straight from the dslr to the monitor without touch ups.

Live shot from the class

Lots of great info from Danessa 

Me, Danessa and my business partner Ebony.  I was so pregnant during this class!

I purchased the Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover Foundation set in warm.  She developed this new packaging for Makeup Artists so they could condense it for the kit.

Swatches of the shade.  The foundation is very pigmented as I would expect from a pro product.  A little goes a long way and Danessa Myricks showed us how to apply it in sheer layers with an oil to thin it out.  I wasn't a match in this set.  If you are a fairer skin tone, the neutral foundation shades have lighter options but I didn't pick that set up.

Here is my final look applying all the tips and tricks I learned from Danessa's class - a super clean look all about skin and glow.  I learned so much from Danessa and I'm so happy to share a few jewels with you but I definitely recommend catching any of her classes or visiting her booth at IMATS or The Makeup Show if you ever get the chance, or visit www.danessamyricksbeauty.com