Makeup Kit Refill - Make Up For Ever

Hi Bellas,

There are times when I need to do a quick haul and refill some essential items in my kit.  In this case, I reordered some holy grail items and added some brand new goodies, all from one of my favorite brands Make Up For Ever.  Check it out!

I've been needing to refill my Make Up For Ever HD Foundations.  I love using them in my kit for a flawless complexion. I love the coverage and it always makes my client's skin look super smooth.  I picked up shades Y205, a neutral porceline, Y405, my go to tan shade, Y505 a neutral deep brown, and Y535 a red toned deep brown. 

To make them a little more portable for my kit, I depot them into these snap top little containers that I get from Amazon.  Such a space saver and I never lose the caps.

A new addition to my kit are these Chromatic Mixes.  I got the water based version in shades white, brown, yellow, red and blue.  My intention is to mix these in with my current foundations to do custom tinting.

Here's an example, I mixed in the shade on the right Y405 with a dot of brown chromatic mix and got the shade on the left, which is a perfect summer shade for me.  I can wear Y405 by itself when I'm a little paler.  It does take a bit of mixing to get the colors to blend but the outcome is seamless.

I purchased these items online at