ELF Beautifully Precise Brush Collection

Hi Bellas,

I've got some amazing makeup brushes for you - the ELF Beautifully Precise collection.  I wasn't sure what to expect from a budget brush line, but I was blown away.  The brushes are super soft, very sleek and extremely affordable.  Check out my review!

First off, the brushes have a very modern feel.  They have a clear plastic traingular handle, and cruelty-free white fiber hairs.  I love the way they look and feel.  My only concern is that the handles might show scratches over time but for now, I'm really loving them.

No 201 Precision Eyeshadow Brush $5
This is a tapered medium sized eyeshadow brush.  It's really soft but dense and packs on eyeshadow easily.  This is a must-have type of brush for me and for this price I would buy multiples of it.

Dual Sided Eyebrow Brush $5
I love an angled spoolie duo.  I use one side for either eyeliner or brows, and the spooly to blend out brows.  The angled brush is pretty precise but it could be a little bit stiffer.

No 104 Precision Sculpting Brush $10
This brush is densely packed and slightly curved which makes it great for contouring the face.  It's super soft and feels amazing on the skin.  I use it for cream contour and even for foundation in a pinch. I would definitely recommend.

No 202 Precision Smudge Brush $5
This is a small domed shaped smudge brush for blending eyeshadow and liner for a smoky look.  I swear by these pencil type brushes especially for my lower lashline and tight areas like the tearduct.  This one is soft with a good amount of density.  I would definitely buy multiples for my kit.

Precision Eyeliner Brush 
I didn't see this brush for individual retail, but it's a part of the brush sets on the website.  I love this brush for gel liner.  It's very precise and the synthetic bristles are great for cream products.

I really enjoyed these brushes.  You can find them at www.elfcosmetics.com or anywhere you can purchase ELF Products.