Important Post - 10 Ways to Be Happy

Hi Bellas,

I was cleaning out some old blog posts and found a draft of a post from years ago that I wrote when I was going through a depressed stage in life.  I obviously kept it because I knew I'd want it for another rainy day.  After reading through these personal feelings, I decided to publish it.  Because I know someone out there will appreciate it.  Take a look!

In no particular order, here we go!

Tip 1) - This is an amazing site with an inspiration blog post for everyday of the year.  They have different topics and I just click on the ones that seem relevant for me for the day.  During a time in my life where I blamed myself for a lot of things, I used to put quotes on my phone as a screen saver, this is where I found them.

Tip 2) My motto - Don't make yourself feel bad if you can help it.  Everybody makes mistakes, acknowledge it and keep moving.  As a young girl I was very insecure and used to feel bad a lot of the time.  As I grow older, I realized that this was a waste of time.  I've been happier and more successful because of this new way of thinking.

Tip 3) Don't be afraid to be confrontational - not in a bad way, but if you have a problem with someone, address it quickly and politely.  Don't suffer through unnecessary drama. nip it in the bud!  This is especially helpful for conflicts with people close to you.  Mention any conflict early on in a non-confrontational way so you can go back loving them as if it didn't happen.

Tip 4) Listen to uplifting music - I particularly like the Glee station on Pandora (this post is so old!  Recent edit...the Beyonce station is my go to!) 

Tip 5) Write down your feelings in a journal.  I don't write in a journal regularly but when I'm sad, i'll get my thoughts onto paper quick.  It helps release some of the poison from inside you, and onto the paper.  Find a pretty journal that makes you want to pick it up and write in it.
Pretty Floral Hard Bound Journal

Tip 6) Talk about your feelings.  Keeping them pent in will only make things worse.  It's good to know who you can turn too.  There are certain people who are better and listening to you vent (yay for girlfriends!) and don't forget to be there for them too when they need it. 
Tip 7) Make a list of things you love about yourself...sounds cheesy but when you're feeling down, this will remind me you what a great person you are!  My sorority used to have a bonding session where we would go around the room saying things we loved about each other...try this out!  

Tip 8) Make a list of negative stuff you're thinking about, then rip it up, burn it, whatever you choose, get rid of it!  I've personally done this and boy is it a stress reliever!

Tip 9) Whatever you do, don't lie on the bed and wallow in your sorrow.  Be active, keep busy, don't let yourself sink into a hole.  It's okay to cry but lift yourself out of it.

Tip 10) People in your life come and go.  It's okay.  Be happy for the memories and keep moving forward.  There are so many more happy memories to create.

Image result for girl running

These are all tips that I personally rely on.  Hope this helps someone out there...if you have a personal story to share or any tips, please let me know.  Ciao bellas!