Hi Bellas,

2017 is the year of my reinvention.  I've published a new professional website, redesigned my blog, created a new logo, headshot, social media banners...but today i'm focusing on my brand new business card.  I actually loved my old business card but it's time for change and I can't wait to share with you how to get the most effective business card ever.  Check it out!

Tip 1:  If you're going to feature a picture, make sure it's clean and clear.  No not the skincare brand, I mean the resolution and quality.  I had a professional head shot done that was also professionally retouched.  It's nice and bright and flattering.  No selfie pics with filters please.  You can also find great stock images but always remember that you must find pictures that you either pay for to get rights or that are royalty free.  I use www.shop.stockphotosecrets.com.com

Tip 2) Pick a clear font that shows off your business style.  Script is very pretty, but it's also very hard to read.  Make sure the font style evokes your sense of style.  Is is casual?  Is it modern?  Is it bold?  For example, as a beauty blogger I want an easy, comfortable font.

Tip 3) Get your own logo.  I love used www.fiverr.com to farm out my graphics work.  This is a custom logo that I had designed from scratch.  That way, I know no one else is going to have it.  This logo only cost me $10!  Use my Fiver Referral code to get $5 off your first order and i'll get $5 too!  I use this site all the time...they even redesigned this blog, don't you love it?

Image result for fiverr logo

Tip 4) Speaking of your own personal logo, go ahead and avoid business card templates and graphics.  In my early career I picked out a business card template from VistaPrint of a clip art of a Makeup Artist holding a brush.  I was mortified when I ran into an artist with the same card!  Don't let this happen to you!

Tip 5) Make sure to list all your contact info.  That includes address (if you don't have a store front, put the city and state), phone number, email, website, and social media sites.  The worst thing would be if you had a beautiful looking card with no way for your client to contact you.

Image result for contact info

Hope you all enjoyed this post!  This is just a snippet many more techniques I teach at Industry Makeup Academy to build the perfect business card.  If you're an aspiring MUA and you want to learn more about building your business and technique you can sign for your Makeup Artist Pro Certification Course at Industry Makeup Academy.  The next course starts next Week for May Certification and I also teach the weekend certification course taking place the first two weekends in June.  You can sign up at www.ima-atlanta.com and use coupon code REN16 for a discount off registration.