Skincare Review: Ofra Wanderlush by Kim Thai

Hi Bellas,

I am definitely loving the new additions to my skincare for 2017.  I've got an amazing moisturizer that just hit the market from Ofra.  They partnered with Blogger Kim Thai to create the Ofra Wanderlush Moisturizer.  Check it out!

First off, I'm a huge fan of Ofra Skincare, particularly their vitamin C line.  I've used it to years, holy grail status.  I was excited to see this new moisturizer and give it a shot.

First off, the texture is really light, almost like a gel.  Even though it's lightweight, it packs intense moisture.  When I applied it, I noticed it immediately sunk into my skin...I love that about moisturizer, no worries of extra residue that you have to rub in.  The formula has lots of lovely ingredients in it including almond oil and macadamia oil.

I found that my skin stayed moisturized all day.  It does leave a little bit of a oily residue feeling after you apply it but it's very fine, and it dissipates after a while and you definitely don't look greasy.  I do think this is great for all skin types, especially dry skin.  There's not scent, which I like, so it's good for those with sensitive skin too.  If you have oily skin, I would still apply a light layer for the moisture benefits but just don't overdo it.  You can apply this day or night and before makeup.

You can find this product at for $29.95.  $2 for each container sold will go to charity, yay!  And you can use coupon code makeupbyrenren for 30% off your order.  Happy Shopping!