FOTD: Smokey eyes, No Liner!

Hi Bellas,

I love to watch different makeup artists on Facebook Live show off their techniques.  There's always something new you can learn.  Recently I was watching Miami artist Marsha Santi do a makeover on her client.  She had done my makeup before and I was inspired to try and recreate one of her looks.  The technique is totally different and really pushed me out of my box.  Take a look!

On my eyes, I really went for a super blended mix of neutral colors.  Instead of applying a deeper shade in my outer v, I simple did a larger blend and mixed all the colors together.  

I also skipped eyeliner!  Instead I just applied falsies as close to the lashline as possible.  It definitely gives a rounder shape to my eye.

When working on the skin, I applied my setting spray right after I applied my foundation and powders but before shimmers and blush.  This helped me to make sure to blend in the skin together before I added color on top.  That way, if your highlighting powders may be too light, you can correct it first.  I like this technique.  You can also set it with a spray once last time at the end for staying power.

I ended the look with a soft pink lip.  The look is really soft and pretty and can translate to any skintone and face shape.  I hope you enjoyed these tips, I definitely learned something new!