B Hue Review: A Liner for Every Occasion

Hi Bellas,

I'm got a really nifty makeup kit for you guys.  Who doesn't need a good variety of eye liners in their makeup bag?  Well B Hue came up with The Basics #1 Pencil Kit to pretty much serve every liner need.  Check it out!

This kit comes with 6 liners, a pencil sharpener and a really nice metal case which I will definitely be using for storage.

The five pencils include:
A nude pencil for highlighting your waterline, browbone or tearduct
A black for lining the eye
A taupe for lining the eye or filling in the brow
A shimmer for highlighting such as the tearduct or browbone
A bronzey brow for lining the eye with a bit of sparkle
A clear for lining around the lips to prevent lipstick feathering

Here are swatches of the pencils: 
In particular I was impressed with how rich the black pencil is.  Overall, the pencils are not super creamy but not dry either.  You can always warm the pencil by rubbing it between your palms with the cap still on.

I used all the pencils in this makeup look.  First, I filled in the brows with a taupe pencil.  This is a universal color that would work on most brows.  However, I found the pencil to be a little too waxy that it started to clump up.  I prefer a drier brow pencil.

I used the black liner to do a cat eye.  I like the intensity of the pigment...the staying power was decent.  In the waterline I used the nude pencil...it's a good color for subtley opening up the eyes.  Then I used the shimmer pencil to highlight my tearducts for a subtle glow.

Lastly, I used the bronzey pencil on my lower lashline for a bit of definition.  I like putting a brown on this area for a shadowing effect.  I also put the clear pencil around my lips to prevent feathering of my pink lip color.  

In sum, I think this is a nice basic pencil set to have, especially if you're starting out.  I tend to prefer creamier liner of the kohl variety but I like the color options in this kit.  You can find this set at www.bhuebeauty.com/