Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 Makeup Mistakes Tag

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post!  This one is kinda fun.  I saw a video tag on youtube featuring your top ten makeup mistakes.  Believe me, I've made quite a few in my makeup journey.  I'm going to share with you mine to either a) get a laugh out of you, lol b) or teach you how to not make the same mistakes.  I had fun writing it, it definitely brought back memories, lol.

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These are my top 10 makeup mistakes that I've made in the past and some of them I still struggle with!

1) I used to have an aversion to blush.  I thought I only needed to rock bronzer.  Looking back, my face was already red in pictures - lol too much bronzer!  Blush can really give you a beautiful color.

Back then I would run through my MAC bronze bronzer.

2) In middle school and into early high school I really struggled with matching my foundation.  Back then, there weren't as many tan, yellow tones, especially at the drug store which was in my price range.  When I went into my teens, I finally discovered Smashbox and MAC and was finally able to start heading in the right direction.

I loved my Smashbox liquid foundation back in the day - it was my first foundation that offered me a good match.

3)  I didn't start learning how to put on lashes till I started my youtube page.  My biggest problem was figuring out how to correctly place them on my hooded lids and without having them droop.  The alcone individual lash curler makes such a difference with droopy lashes - I'm glad I found it.

Preo lash curler from - total must have!
4) I started plucking my eyebrows in middle school...I so regret that.  I prefer a fuller brow look and now I have to fill them in as a my younger readers out there, stay away from the tweezers!

5)  When I was younger, I didn't realize that you needed to set foundation with powder.  I recall way too many embarassing moments when I'd snuggle with my boo and i'd see brown stuff all over his shirt, lol.  Now I set my makeup...and I keep the face leaning on my boo's shirts to a minimum, ha!

MAC Select Sheer was the first setting powder I bought.

6) I really started getting into  MAC eyeshadows at the end of high school and into college.  Back then, I used to hit pan way too quickly.  Part of it had to do with that I wasn't using an eyeshadow base!  That meant, I had to dig my brush in a lot more to get more powder and then get more color.  These days, I use an eyeshadow base and need less product, and the color goes on brighter and lasts longer - it's a win win situation.
7) Before I started blogging, I was really bad about cleaning brushes.  I'd throw my brushes in a drawer and only wash them after several months, ewww!  When I did wash them, I'd run the whole thing under water and as a result, the ferrules would always separate from the handle because the wood would expand from water and crack.  I know better now!

8) I still sleep with my makeup on sometimes - bad bad!  This is something I still need to work on but i'm better about it now.  I try to keep wipes on my bedside table if I can't wash my face.

9) Back in the day, I thought that liner should only go on the top lash line.  I thought it looked "dirty" on the lower lashline.  What was I thinking?  It looks gorgeous on the lower lashline and waterline.

10) Back in the day, I used to only wear eyeshadow and liner - no mascara.  I figured that my lashes were short and stick-straight anyways.  Now I realize the importance of mascara and a lash curler - it really finishes your look.  My lashes are still sucky which is why I often wear fake lashes - but mascara does help to cover up any shadow that makes my lashes dusty and you definitely can see that it adds definition to the eyes.

What are some of your makeup mistakes?  I tag all of you!  I'd love the know in the comments below!

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simply beautiful said...

It's so embarassing but in high school I remember lining my lips with black liner while wearing every lipstick or gloss #totalfail

Jenny Thay @ said...

when i think about about my past make up i cringe! lol >.<

SHEROkxZx3 said...

Great advice... In the beginning of junior high school I used to put very dark brown lip liner on my lips without any gloss or lipstick lol

Bombchell said...

Love this post. i dont really think ive done much that i look back on and cringe but in the future i think ill hate my brows.

Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

This is so funny I JUST uploaded a new video to youtube "MOST ANNOYING MAKEUP MISHAP" Ever!! lol...i guess we all have our moments!

My biggest makeup mistake is still the one I speak of in my recent video...super teary eyes and how even when e/s is made waterproof the constant tears fade the shadow from my inner tear duct...

blame it on allergy season!

ThisIsAlx said...

lovely!!! u are soo down to earth!! love learning more about !! =] love how you also have mistakes and imperfection before but u are soo pro now!!! one of the nest YT guru by far!! s2 you!! =]


MissVRP said...

I have small eye lids. So before I learned how to blend, I would pack on color to my lid and another color on the rest of my eye without blending!!! So not a good

Lily said...

amen sister, i probably made all the mistakes you did!

Janalyn said...

haha this is such an entertaining post to read! Ive done a lot of those mistakes in the past too! One of my all time terribles in high school was clumping on the load of mascara! My lashes are medium length but very thin, so they would all stick together and it looked like I had one big eyelash lol

Dye-A-Graham said...

Wow..this is was so much fun to read..I think one of my biggest mistakes was wearing just lipstick and no other make-up and instead of overdoing it with the tweezers, I did grooming at all. Hello UNIBROW!

Lizzie said...

Just did my tag on the blog for tomorrow

Kristigrlie558 said...

Body glitter on my eyelids -___-

kylieprice said...

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ltab6140 said...

i made so many mistakes i look at my senior pic in high school and i cringe i look horrible. i knew nothing about blending at all. i was putting on frosty pink lipstick with black liner i bueno i know better than that lol

Sillyme said...

I used to shave my eyebrows and draw them in. Most of the time I looked more like a clown then natural.