Guest Post - Get Glowing, Rosy Cheeks: Laura Mercier’s Bronzing Duo

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I'm back with another guest post!  A reader of mine, Molly Borter, came up with an amazing post on bronzer/blush and a combo that looks gorgeous on any skin done.  She did a great job and gave suggestions for those who want that effortless summer glow.

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Get Glowing, Rosy Cheeks: Laura Mercier’s Bronzing Duo
By Molly Borter

I’ve always been told that if a woman had time to only put on one item of makeup, it should be blush. Blush enhances our natural rosy cheeks and brightens dull-looking skin, making our faces radiant on our sleepiest of days. As Bobbi Brown says, “A touch of color will make your skin look alive and pretty.” In my search for the perfect blush, I’ve found that I adore Bobbi Brown’s in Peony; however, my frugality got the best of me, and I started searching for an all-in-one bronzer and blush. That’s when I discovered Laura Mercier’s Bronzing Duo, and in true no-fuss summer makeup fashion, it’s gives me just the right amount of bronzed goddess and rosy cheek glow.

The Product
Laure Mercier’s Bronzing Duo costs $32.00, and is a medium-sized compact consisting of a two-toned bronzer/blush combination. The product comes in three shades: Bronzing, Coral Bronze, and Pink Bronze. The Bronzing is purely a bronzer with a deep coppery color on one side and a lighter copper on the other. The Coral Bronze consists of a golden bronzer and peach blush, while the Pink Bronze (my personal favorite) holds a warmer-colored bronzer and a bright pink blush.  With the two shades together, this is supposed to create an ideal color for all skin tones.

How to Use
I sweep a large brush in circles over the duo to pick up the desired amount of each shade, and I blow softly into the brush to remove any excess. Make sure to go up along cheekbones, down your nose, and across your forehead to make it look natural.When I’m attempting a different look, I apply the bronzer on my face first and then brush a little of the pink blush over the apples of my cheeks.

Personal Thoughts
I’ve always preferred powder blush over cream blush, partially because cream blush tends to cause breakouts on my skin and makes me feel sticky. Most importantly, powdered blush givesmy cheekbones a more natural contour and a blended, finished look. I was very surprised at how light and smooth the bronzing duo glided onto my face. I hate looking and feeling like I’m wearing too much makeup, but this bronzer and blush blended into my fair skin and kept me from looking like I was wearing a makeup mask. After a sweep of the duo over my face, I had achieved that beachy, sun kissed glow without stepping outside of my bathroom door.

This makeup duo is so perfect for those of you who want to brighten skin and reveal their natural glow. Although the price is a little steep, you are getting two products in one, which is definitely a steal! The shades are adjustable enough that you can have a rosy-bronze look during the day and swipe on a little more for a dramatic look by night!

Molly is a writer for in Indianapolis, IN, who loves mastering the biggest of beauty blunders, whether it’s lipstick on teeth or super frizzy hair. In her free time, she enjoys long bike rides, road trips with her girlfriends, and helping others accessorize with fashionable scarves, handbags, and women’ssunglasses.

Thanks for the great post Molly!

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