Mentoring Through Makeup - My Makeup Seminar for High School Girls

Hi Bellas,

Happy Monday!  I'm back with another post. I wanted to share with you some pictures from about a few months ago. I participated in a community service event for my friend Melissa's charity organization Glinc. They mentor a group of Latino youth at a local high school and prepare them for college and the career field. I had the opportunity to teach a seminar on professional makeup.

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I've actually already done a video on how to wear a professional look for a job interview.  Check it out!

I went over the same principles with the class.  There's a time and place for everything.  I was teaching them how to have a polished look for an interview.  The key is to look awake, neat and ready to win the job!  Save the dramatic liner and shadows for going out at night.

Here I am demonstrating the look on my model.  We actually held the class in the school library, lol.
Always choose a neutral lip color that's not too shiny.  I chose a mauvey shade close to the girl's skin tone.
I think the girls enjoyed it.  After the demo, I did a quick makeup session with each girl.  I shared with them quick tips like how to apply eyeliner, and to try using a primer to control oily skin.  In this picture the guys in the group are in the back left, learning how to tie neckties, he he.
I did a demo on one of the girls in the group.  The left half of the face has the polished makeup look.  You can see that it's not too dramatic but it just makes her look a bit more clean and professional.

If you're a makeup artist, it's always good to use your skills to give back to the community.  Or let's say you're just a beauty junkie that's good at makeup...why don't you teach a younger friend or cousin some tricks you've learned along the way.  It really does make a difference.

That's all folks!  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!