Hakuhodo Brushes Review

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I'm back with a much anticipated review.  If you haven't heard of Hakuhodo brushes, you're missing out.  This line of makeup brushes is the best of the best and they've made a name for themselves as the best brushes out there.  I finally got my hands on some and i'm in love!

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All of the brushes are of exceptional quality.  They are hand made and the bristles are naturally aligned to form their shape - there is no trimming and cutting of the bristles.  For that reason, they maintain unparalleled softness.  The company is really detailed in their manufacturing process and details the type of bristle hair in each brush.  I was really amazed to see the variety they used and how each type offered different benefits.  You can check out the different types of bristles here.  The brushes range in price from department store prices to luxury brand products. 

The S100 Brushes are part of Hakuhodo's flagship Series that was created and inspired by the owner's wife.  The brushes have a distinctive orange handle, a 24 kt brass gold ferrule, and decorative design at the bottom of the brush.

S103 Powder Blush Brush Pointed $76, goat hair bristles
The pointed tip makes it great for contour and highlight, as well as blush or all over powder.  I chose this brush because others seemed to give it a really good review. 

The brush is very soft and has a nice amount of density to give you control but not too much to where it disperses too much concentrated color.  Overall I really enjoyed it but it wasn't my favorite brush of the bunch.

S142 Eye shadow brush round $26, blue squirrel hair bristles
This brush is built to fit right into the crease.  I absolutely love this for getting detailed crease work.  I've tried other pointed crease brushes before but they're always scratchy.  This one is super soft, has enough density to add color, but also blended well at the same time.

G529 Highlight Brush Flat $21.00, horse hair bristles
This brush really appealed to me because of its flat head.  In person, the brush head looks more precise.  In the picture, the bristles are laying flat so it looks a bit more squished then usual.

I picked this brush because it seemed like it would be awesome for precise contouring.  The bristles are medium density, so I wouldn't use it for cream or liquid foundations.  When I tried it with regular liquid foundation you could see streak marks - but it works great for powder.  The short handle makes it great for personal use, or you can opt for the longer handle.

210 Blush Brush Round, $26, goat hair Bristles
This is in my opinion, the perfect blush brush.  It has a precise rounded shape, it's super soft, and the size is perfect for hitting the apples of cheeks.

K002 Powder Brush Round and Flat $64.00, blue squirrel hair bristles
OMG, this is the softest brush I have ever owned.  Using this truly feels like silk on the skin.  The bristles are on the loose side which makes it a great finishing brush for powder. 

K004 Eye Shadow Brush Round and Flat $18, pine squirrel hair bristles
This brush is also very very soft.  Its loosely packed bristles make it great for all over color or brow highlight and blending.  It doesn't work too well for packing on shadow since it's not a dense packer brush - I made the mistake of trying to use it to foil shadows but it's more for dry shadow application.

Mind you, I washed and used these brushes multiple times and had no issues with bleeding or shedding.  The brushes come beautifully packaged when you receive them in the mail.  They also come with really interesting instructions for cleaning them, you can check the instructions our here.

You can find these products at http://www.hakuhodousa.com/ or at Makeup Trade Shows like IMATS or the Makeup Show.

Have you tried Hakuhodo brushes?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

FTC Disclosure:  I am not paid to write this review and not affiliated with the company.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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