Thursday, May 19, 2011

Makeup Artist Series - Favorite MAC Bridal Shadows - Neutral Shades

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post.  With Bridal season coming up, I thought this would be very helpful for my makeup artists and future brides alike.  I've created a series where I feature my favorite shadows that I use on Brides.  In general, I mainly use MAC shadows.  In this series I'll begin with neutral shades, then focus on other popular bridal requests - purples, smokey, and Indian Brides.

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In general these are neutral shades that are awesome for your kit.  I keep them in a MAC palette labeled neutrals.  It depends on skin tone and type, but generally these are my most used shadows for my neutral brides.

LID- I chose a lot of shimmer shades because they give a nice pop to the eye when placed in this area.  stay away from anything too chunky with glitter.
all that glitters - Peachy pink shade with a pearl finish, great for all skin tones
woodwinked - Light brown with gold shimmer, great for all skin tones
satin taupe - Cool tone taupe brown with shimmer - great for all skin tones

OUTER V: This is where I use a darker shade to contour the eye and give it depth and shape.  Try to keep it to low shimmers and mattes.
brown down - Great warm brown for everybody, works with most skin tones
embark - Great for darker skin tones because it has a deeper red color to it and it's a beautiful matte shade
carbon -  I may use this just to darken up colors for darker skin tones
swiss chocolate - Goes great with pink colors; it's a matte, warm pinky brown
glamour check - So sad this is limited edition but I absolutely love this warm brown shade; it's one of the starflash finishes and goes on really smooth

CREASE TRANSITION:  This added layer of color makes the look more professional and helps to blend out shadows.  The warm brown shades really bring light to the eyes.
soft brown- For light to tan skin tones, a warm peachy brown shade
texture - For medium to dark skin tones, a darker orangey brown shade

HIGHLIGHT- You always want to keep this area nice and light, it really helps to make the eye more open and larger.  A little shimmer in the brow works...I like doing matte and then putting a shimmer on the highest point under the brow
shroom - My first highlight shade, it's got a smidge of pearl on it to really lighten the brow bone, great for light to tan shades
ricepaper - Gorgeous gold highlight with a bit of shimmer but not too much, I pretty much use this on everybody, right under the highest arch of the brow for a touch of light
blanc type - Great for light to medium skin tones, it really highlights the browbone nicely and this matte shade applies very smooth
bamboo - This matte, peachy cream shade is my go-to for women of color; it lightens the brow bone without making it ashy
brule - A little smidge darker than blanc type with a yellow tone, great for medium to tan skin tones
vanilla - A smidge darker than blanc type, it's a classic vanilla shade for light to tan skin tones

What are your favorite MAC Neutral bridal eyeshadow shades?  Leave them in the comments below!

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KissyFace Artistry said...

I have a quad for the pret-a-papier collection that I've found to be a lifesaver for neutral bridal looks.

And I like the list you've created with these various eye shadows. Looks like a shopping trip is needed to be done on my end. LOL

Ms. Viva Glam said...

Love this Ren! I'm going to have to print this post out. You've covered all of my fave neutral colors from Mac.

Iris said...

I aboslutely love all of your selections. MAC has my favorite neutrals for my brides. Good choices

TiffanysMakeupStory said...

Neutral eyeshadows are so timeless and meant for everything, thanks for this post!

JC said...

i love this. i also want to add orb. it's also a really nice highlight shade. when i define my brows w/ brun, orb is always my go to highlight. very nice and clean look!

Shirl_da_Diva said...

Hey Ren, that list is great for us Makeup Artists out there. I also have a few additional go to neutrals for my brides that I love to use. They are: brown script (crease) - which is good for med to dark skin; handwritten (outer V) - any skin tone; arena or grain (highlight)- any skin tone; saddle(crease)- any skin tone; tete-t-tint(crease)- light to tan skin tones; and kid (brow or lid). I hope this add't list help you guys out there.

nayan said...

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