Friday, March 4, 2011

Sedona Lace Freebie Friday - 88 Warm Palette Twitter Giveaway!

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friday!  Today I'm lucky enough to host the Sedona Lace Freebie Friday on Twitter.  If you're not following me and Sedona Lace on twitter, go now! I'll be hosting a giveaway for the 88 Warm Palette through the weekend.

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This week I picked one of my favorite palettes.  I always recommend that everyone has a neutral palette in their collection - I chose the 88 Warm Palette for one of you all.  It has a mix of warm toned shades - both matte and shimmer shades that can be used to create natural, bronzey, metallic and smokey looks.  Unlike a lot of the stock palettes, I like how this one gives you multiple brow bone and crease transition color shades - this is very important for a look.  You don't need to outsource any colors because they are housed in this one palette.

Here's How to Win:

  • Follow me and Sedona lace on twitter
  • The giveaway will take place from Friday 3/4/11 to Sunday 3/6/11
  • I will ask a question and i'll pick the person with the best answer
  • Must @ me and Sedona Lace for your answer
  • I'll announce the winner on Sunday 3/6/11
Good luck!

FTC Disclosure:  Product sponsored for giveaway.  I am not affiliated with the company and am not paid to write this post.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.


Makeupbyirmita said...

can you expain this a litter bit more cuz i didnt understand... sorry!!

•Must @ me and Sedona Lace for your answer

Crystal said...

"Must @ me and Sedona Lace for your answer"

I think RenRen is referencing to after you subscribe to her and sedona lace, and she asks you a question, your response must be written in the twitter way where you write (example) "@RenRenTwitter and @SedonaLace Answer to you question is..____"

Kinda the same way you post a status on facebook where you put "@NameName Cnt wait to meet u up at Starbucks" etc.

MsShellieCutie said...

that is still confusing

Suzy said...

I entered! Please take note of my tweet. :D Thanks!!/suzy_darling/status/44487794004983808