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I'm back with another post!  This one is a little different.  I decided to start a new series called "Brand Focus".  I'll feature some of my favorite cosmetic lines and then highlight the must-have items.  Today I'll be featuring Eve Pearl.  I have EP products in both my kit and personal makeup collection.  I'll break down exactly what I recommend getting and why.  If you haven't tried out her products or are debating on which ones to get, this is a definite must-read!

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Let's get started!

HD Dual Foundation - I noticed that I don't really use her foundations in my kit.  I think it's because I prefer cream foundations in palettes with a whole bunch of colors.  I've started depotting them into an empty foundation palette and once I get the whole line I'm going to start incorporating them into my kit.  Meanwhile, I love using them on myself and friends.

Anti-Shine - I have both the light/medium and tan/dark in my collection.  These are total-must haves.  I use them in the t-zone for my client's with super oily skin.  They really do work and they're worth getting.

Lash Glue - I love dark, tinted lash glues.  They dry matte and invisible unlike clear glue.  I've noticed that the EP glue dries quicker than my Duo Tinted Lash Glue which saves precious time during a makeup application. The only con is that I notice after a few months, something happens to the glue in the bottle.  The tip dries out and then you have to push really hard for it to come out and sometimes you'll get a break near the seam.

Brow Groomer - This is another great item in my collection.  Sometimes clients will have really unruly brows.  I usually will use this on models before a big shoot.  This brow razor works so much better than the ones you'll see in a a drug store.  I've tried those before and they don't work well.  This one works and it's also foldable which makes it great for a compact kit.

HD Dual Powder - This is a personal favorite of mine - I use the Tan Shade.  Interestingly enough, it sat around in my makeup drawers for several months before I truly started getting into it.  This powder foundation feels light yet can be built up.  It's great for super quick foundation without that yucky powdery look.  I love how their are two sides so you can adjust your color accordingly.  The lighter side is perfect for all over foundation and the darker side is amazing as a contour color - it's not too dark, ashy or red.  Perfect!

Pearlicious Lipgloss in Climax - This was a gift that was included in one of my purchases.  I'm so glad I received it because I love the color.  The consistency is really smooth, light yet pigmented at the same time. It's not a color I would normally choose but I love it!

Salmon Concealer - I saved the best for last.  For me, this is a HG item that I recommend everyone get.  I use this in my personal makeup bag and professional kit on every makeup application.  I recommend getting the trio which has medium, light and dark  if you're an artist.  Total must-have.  It's a little pricey but totally worth it.

Techniques - I've learned so much from watching Eve Pearl online tutorials.  I've truly adapted her false lash technique and the finger puff method.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out her tutorials!

Next on my purchase list - I really want to try her matte blush trio.  I'm a big fan of matte products and her regular blushes are already amazing.

Do you guys own any items or recommend any Eve Pearl must-haves?  Let me know in the comnments below!
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