Indian Bridal Trial - 3 Looks

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another bridal look.  My client happens to be marrying a classmate of mine from college, small world!  This is another Indian Bridal ceremony where I get to create three different looks, yay!  We went from super neutral to smokey and fun. 

For the first look, we wanted to stay neutral using light pinks and plums.  She wanted this to be the most natural as she would wear it for the daytime ceremony. 

My focus was to really work on evening out her skin tone.  She had dark circles that I corrected with Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer.  This also worked to cover up a birthmark on her left side.  I applied airbrush foundation to give her a high coverage, flawless finish.  With my Indian Brides, brows are always a key area to target.  The key is to make theme super clean and defined but not to go too crazy so that they are overly dark and unnatural. 
Eyes closed
Look #2 Copper eyes
This look was created to touch upon the traditional Indian Bridal Look of metallic eyes and deep lips.  We went a little lighter on the eyes to keep it modern and fresh.

Look #3 Smokey Brown eyes
This is the last look that she would be wearing to the party portion.  We wanted it to be fun.  We did a smokey eye but used dark browns to keep it from being to heavy.  I paired it with a light pink lip.  She had never done a dramatic look before and loved the transformation.
The wedding is in June.  Can't wait to show you all the pics!