Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Top 10 MAC Lipsticks

Hi Bellas,

I recently did a post on my top ten MAC eyeshadows.  It was pretty well received, so I thought I'd do a series out of it.  Today I'll be featuring my top 10 MAC lipsticks.  This is great for those of you who want to build your own personal collection or for makeup artists trying to consider what colors work for a kit.  I picked colors that would look great on everyone.

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For this post, it was a little harder to pick my top lipsticks.  I have a bunch of MAC lipsticks, but a lot of them are limited edition and I sadly neglect the permanent line.  To pick my favorites, I selected lipsticks that I can always rely on to look good on me or my clients. After a bit of thought, here goes:

1) Viva Glam V - Looks good on everybody, definitely my favorite lipstick from MAC.  It's a mid-tone pink with gold shimmers, love!
2) Ruby Woo - Amazing red, matte lip - classic and sexy!
3) Bare Slimshine - Not really a lipstick, but close.  So sad it's limited edition but it's a great nude on everyone.  They tend to bring it back occasionally for Holiday collections
4) Siss Lipstick - Awesome nude for women of color.  Pair it with a brown liner and you're good to go!
5) Brave New Bronze - My favorite nude on myself, sadly limited edition.  If you can find it, grab it!
6) Angel - Such a pretty, wearable nude pink, even on darker tones - no wonder Kim Kardashian loves it so much.
7) Fanfare - This is a super pretty, warm pink tone that looks amazing on light to medium skin tones.  It's a go to color for my brides.
8) Show Orchid - This is an amazing hot pink that looks great on everyone.  Wearing it just makes definitely brings out the fierceness.  You gotta have at least one hot pink in your collection :)  I also love Hollywood Nights from the Heatherette collection but it's limited edition :(
9) Dubonnet - For those who want a red but something a little bit more subdued, this deeper red is it.
10) Capricious - I love this for my young Indian brides; it's a plum but not too intense and it doesn't have that overly red tone.  Everyone needs some plums in their collection - especially for fall.
11) Modesty - This is a pretty and reliable color.  It's a mid-tone mauve that looks great for an everyday lip or even as a nude for women of color
12) Freckletone - Great for their J-Lo nude lip.  Pair with a gloss so it doesn't look too nude.

Okay I picked 12 instead of 10, close enough, lol.  There are a bunch of lipsticks from MAC that I've been wanting to try, i.e. Hug Me, Blankety, Creme de Nude, etc.  Some are classics and some newcomers.  If you have any of your own to recommend, leave them in the comments below!  Let me know the lipstick name and your skin tone so I can get them too :)

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored by any brands - all products purchased by me.

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mw said...

I love Angel & viva glam v!!!
I want to try ruby woo soon.

Makeup by Hend said...

I really love Siss. It's one of my go-to's in my professional makeup kit. Try MAC's Bubbles, it's a white lustre with pinkish pearl.

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

i own angel, brave new bronze, freckletone & show orchid. i need to look into your other fav's STAT!

Crystal said...

My fav is "Girl About Town" It turns out GREAT in photos!!!

Beverlee said...

i'm filipino and i sometimes find it hard to find the right nude colors... Cherish with Big Baby Plushglass... is the newest to my collection and I love it!

mina said...

Give Blankety a try! I tried it when fafinette recommended it and I've been hooked ever since.

V said...

Hey lady. Love the blog. I appreciate someone that has as much passion for cosmetics as I do. I just started blogging so your a real inspiration.


Makeup artist Kelly O'dowd said...

I love Hue and syrup..
lovelorn and pink plaid..
I love the lipstick holder where did you get it??
thanks kelly

makeupbylindsey said...

I love angel one of the best colors to work with great with a smokey eye I always use this on my clients

Cammy said...

i absolutely love Up The Amp, a pretty purple and really wearable.Like your blog btw.

Certified Makeup Addict said...

Hey RenRen!

I love Fresh Brew-- I'm mid-tone olive/caramel brown color and it's a great nude on it's own or paired with liner and gloss. I also have Freckletone and Angel and love both of those also. Hug Me is on my wish list too!! I seriously need to amp up my lipstick collection...