NYX Cosmetics HD Product Line Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm super excited to bring you this review.  NYX has recently released their new HD line and I was able to try some of these items out for you.

First off, the price point is a bit higher on these products than their average line.  They're still within affordable range but the increased quality and packaging explains the price differential.

HD Grinding Powder $25
I love this!  This product reminds me of Smashbox's Halo Powder that they released back in the day.  I always wanted to try it but it was too expensive.  This is a grinding powder.  You twist the top of the jar and get fresh powder each time.  This is an amazing compromise between having the benefits of loose powder without the mess.  I received the shade Sand Beige.  Typically I never do well with foundation colors that have beige in the title, but this was a beautiful match and it gives your skin a nice glow.  You can probably get sheer to medium coverage with this foundation.  I apply with a powder brush for sheer daily wear or to set foundation.  You can also use a buffer or kabuki brush for more coverage.  The best part is that you don't have to worry about any oil stains that you might get on your typical powder.  This powder really made my skin look amazing.

HD Grinding Blush $20
The concept is that you'll always get fresh blush.  You don't have to worry about getting oily build ups that make your powders less effective.  You only need to turn the dial a teeny tiny bit.  Then you swirl and tap like you would a loose powder blush.  I personally don't like loose powder blushes because they're messy, but this packaging gives me the pigmentation of loose blush without the excess product. The color (Menage a Trois) is the perfect coral color (can't wait to rock it in spring) and I think it's a fabulous idea.  Note:  I accidentally dropped this in my bathroom recently...I was able to pop the cap back on but it doesn't work as good, drat!

HD Eyeshadow Base $7
This product reminds me of a blend of Two Faced Eyeshadow Insurance and UDPP.  It comes in a tube with a wand.  The liquid formula dries with a slight nude tint.  It offers just a sheer cover for discoloration on the eye, so those with darker lids may need to do another colored base like NYX's pot shadow base in Skin Tone.  I wore it with various types of shadow and it helped the color last for several hours.  Like other liquid bases, you may need to wear with a base shadow over top since it's a bit sticky and the base shadow will help colors blend easier on top. The price is amazing for this type of non-crease concealer.  I always recommend to beginners and makeup artists that they have some kind of oil control eye primer in their kit.

HD Primer $14
This primer is a little bit different than the silicone texture ones you may have tried.  It has more of a liquidy texture.  The product is a white liquid, but applies clear one you rub it in  Make sure to rub it in well and quickly or you'll see the white residue.  I actually used my hands to do this.  When it's drying it's a little bit sticky.  I can see how it would grab onto the product and make it stick.  After applying product on top, it's no longer sticky.  I didn't notice a huge difference in it making my skin look smoother but I do think the texture helps to make your foundation last longer.

HD Foundation $15
The price is right in line with some of our more favorite drugstore foundations.  I find that I'm in between two shades, Medium and Warm Sand.  The formula is a liquid that offers up to medium coverage but is buildable.  I find that the consistency reminds me of MUFE HD Foundation.  When I wore it, I did notice that it immediately covered all of my discoloration quickly.  It was a pretty decent application  You only need about 1.5 pumps for the whole face.  Once I paired the HD Grinding powder on top, the light was brought back into my skin and it was love.  Unfortunately there are only 8 shades and they don't seem to go too dark.  Hopefully they'll add to the color range.

Overall, I think it's a really nice line.  The quality of the product is obviously a step up from their traditional line but the prices are still affordable.  I definitely recommend the HD Grinding Powder and Blushes, they're absolutely lovely.

You can find these products at www.nyxcosmetics.com or at Ulta or your local beauty provider.

FTC Disclosure:  Products sponsored for review.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Atlanta Makeup Artist