Photoshoot - Colorful Eyes for a Tarot Reader

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another photoshoot for you.  I got to play with bright colors which is always a good time.  My client was a Tarot Card Reader who needed pictures for her website.  She even gave me a reading at the end of the shoot.  At least I can check off psychic reading from my bucket list, lol.

My client was wearing bright, tropical colors to go with her look.  She wanted the same for her eyes.  In addition to this, I really wanted to work on the client's brows.  We often take this for granted but they can really help to make or break your face.  Her brows were on the sparse side but did not have a clean shape.   I created a strong shape using pencil and powder and then cleaned up the strays with the concealer trick.

Here's a shot after makeup.  You can see some of the makeup I used in the background.  This foundation in the background is from Face Atelier.

Here's a better shot of her eyes.  I used MAC's Amberlights, Cool Heat, Deep Truth, Texture, Bamboo, and Rice Paper eyeshadows.

Don't forget to make up the body in addition to the face.  I used a powder foundation and body buffer brush to do her arms, chest and back.  This helped to even out her skin tone and conceal old acne scars.

On her lips I used MAC Siss lipstick, Chesnut lip pencil and Revealing lipglass.

Credit to MMFotography at MMFstudios

Hope you enjoyed!  Tonight, I'll try and upload a new video for tomorrow.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored by any brands.