Incoco Dry Polish Strips Review - Easy Smudge Free Nails!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another review!  I recently had the chance to try out the newest nail polish innovation known as dry nail applique.  Incoco sent me some of their self-stick nail polish strips to try out.  I've seen these strips before, but have never had the chance to apply them.  Mind you, I don't often paint my fingernails unless it's for a special occasion.  My nails just tend to chip really easily and I prefer not to get acrylics.  After trying these out, I might be a convert to wearing fingernail polish on a regular basis!  The strips make getting perfect nails so easy.

I received several different styles of nail polish strips to test out.  They range from natural to a bit more dramatic to super funky - something for everyone.

These glittery crackle and zebra turquoise strips were my fav!
This burgundy color is great for the winter.  I also love the light metallic giraffe design and i'll be rocking the pink in the spring.
They even have glittery gold...I'm definitely saving these for a special occasion.

How to Apply: 
Prior to application I make sure that my nails are clean and buffed. I used the file/buffer that came with the set.  They also have their own nail polish remover wipes.

Open the package of strips.  You'll notice you'll get a set for each hand in different sizes to choose from.
I like to start with my thumb.  Choose the size closest to your nail bed.
Remove the plastic front and back and stick it to your nails.  The back of the strip is a bit sticky so it should hold.  The front is the nail polish design side.  The strips are dry, so you don't have to worry about smudging.  Interestingly enough though, they do smell like wet nail polish.  You don't need a base or top coat because these strips are all in one.
Next mold the strip so it fits around your fingers.
I just rip off the excess, you can also use a nail file to file away the excess.
That's it!
This is what it looks like at the end.  I forgot to push my cuticles back and I think I pressed a bit too hard because there is a little bit of rub off on the design but overall it looks pretty good
After one week of use - not bad for me at all!  If I had done a better job at applying it close to the cuticles, I think it would have stayed longer.  Notice the tips are still intact.

Here are the burgundy nails I wore a week later.  I noticed they weren't as sticky as the first pair so they were harder to apply and they didn't last as long.  However, I did do a better job pushing back my cuticles, and applying them at the base.
A week later, super chipped...the paint flaked off because the strips weren't sticky enough.
This is what I wore the week after...sparkly blue zebra print.  Loves!  It was super easy to apply...I think the glitter gave it some weight and it was the perfect amount of stickiness.  They also looked the best on my nails, I got so many compliments!

A week later and I barely had any chipping, success!  I think if you're able to get them on good in the beginning you'll have less wear and tear later.

-easy to apply
-looks like a professional manicure
-lasts longer than a typical manicure
-nail polish remover jar works amazing
-quick application
-don't have to worry about smudging or drying time

-will have to keep buying packs
-some strips weren't as sticky as others, making them harder to apply
-harder to touch-up

Do I recommend?
Definitely!  I've never gotten my nails to look this good on my own.  It looks like they're professionally done.  They don't chip as often and the color selection is awesome.  You can get nail designs without having someone to paint the separate design on top.

You can find these products at If you buy 3 packages, you'll get a nail polish remover jar for free.  That products works amazing at removing the polish!  Even the glitter ones, which are typically hard to remove, came off so quickly!

Depending on the design, each pack ranges from $9 to $12.  It's a little bit pricey since you can't get repeat uses out of the pack.  However, when you compare it to a professional manicure, it's worth it!  Also, professional manicures usually chip on me after one day, and these last so much longer.  I think i'll turn to these as my special occasion nail polish.  It'll definitely save me some money than going to a nail salon.

Let me know if you guys have ever tried polish strips.

Ciao Bellas!

FTC Disclosure:  Products sponsored for review.  I am not paid to write this review and not affiliated with teh company.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.