Makeup Storage Ideas - Lipglosses, Lipsticks and Liners

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I'm back with another post and video.  This was features one of my favorite topics - makeup storage and organization!  I'm pretty OCD when it comes to organizing my mounds of makeup.  I thought it would be a good idea to show you how I've sorted out my personal and professional lip product collection.  This goes for lip pencils, lipglosses and lipsticks.

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I had two goals with organizing my products 1) Be able to find lip products quickly and easily and that goes for putting it away too and 2) Make room for a growing collection.  That means, being able to move products around as I acquire more items.

As a makeup artist, I find that organizers that are clear, sortable, and have some kind of dividers are the best.  That way, you can see everything easily and sort them in an orderly manner.

Lip Pencils
I got this idea from Hunter Dustin on YouTube.  He used these really nice Colored Pencil Cases for pigments.  I thought it would also be great for lip pencils.  I ordered a nice Global Art leather case from .  My case holds 36 pencils and has four pages that can be zipped up.  I'm about to expand to the next size which holds 72 pencils to make room for a growing collection.  You can also use these to hold eye pencils as well.

I used the same concept above for storing my lipglosses.  I love how you can sort the products by color.  This helps you find products super easily and everything stays in place under the elastic bands.  This case is the largest in the set and holds 120 pencils, or about 80 glosses.  It has 4 pages.  You can also use this to hold lipsticks, but I find it to be more of a tighter squeeze.

Here's another way to store both glosses and lipsticks.  I use a clear lucite box from container store.  I like how the plastic is thicker and sturdier.  It comes with a top but if you use tall glosses like I did below, you can't use it.  Other options include anything in box form such as sterilite tupperware, shoe boxes, etc.  Make sure to store them upright with enough items so they don't have fall over

One of the way I store lipsticks is in these screw-top containers.  I got this idea from MissMauiMac.  The cases are super affordable and I bought mine at Michaels in the beads section.  I like how you can see lipstick easily and sort each stack according to color.  I also like how you can shift around your collection by adjusting your stacks.  I use this method for clients in my home studio because I can easily see the color without having to read the lipstick labels.  I do keep it at home though because it's a bit bulky.  However, you can also take specific stacks with you on traveling gigs to lighten the load.  The screw top containers keep the lipstick from from drying out and I also use labels to identify the product.

This lipstick or lipgloss trays from ebay holds about 60 tubes.  The Container store also has a smaller version which has thicker plastic and holds about 24.

Here is a really nice way of displaying lipstick or lipgloss on your vanity.  I previously reviewed it here.  It's the T Collection from a seller on Ebay that custom makes these pieces.

For traveling gigs, I lighten the load by depotting my lipsticks into a pan and storing them in palettes just like you would do for eyeshadows.  It's the most compact way to store them.  However, be careful about melting lipsticks with a shimmer - it can change the formula and color.  Melting works better with cream or matte formulas.

You can also buy empty lipsticks palettes like the ones from Japonesque.  Others also use pill cases or bead containers and melt or press their lippies right into it.  This is also an option but I find that it didn't work for me because if my collection grew, I couldn't shift around the colors as I'd like.
And here's how I store everything, in a shelf unit I bought and built up from Wal-Mart.  I've saved myself a lot of time and space by doing this.

Hope this helps! If you have any other storage ideas, please leave them in the comments below!

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