Friday, February 11, 2011

My 3 Minute Daily Skin & Foundation Routine

Hi Bellas,

I tend to not do much for daily makeup.  Surprising right?  Usually, I'm the kind of girl that gets up and gives myself 20 minutes to get out the door.  Recently though, I've started putting on a little something something for work.

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 My going out foundation routine is more complicated.  I already featured that in my updated Foundation Routine Video here.  This is a simplified routine that takes all of 3 minutes to do.  It's perfect for just evening out your skin for class or work.

First off, I'll apply my moisturizer.  I make a custom shea butter mix that has worked great for my dry skin this winter.  It has also virtually cured the eczema issues I had on my neck.  Without using this, I find that I get dry patches and flakes- not cute.  I plan on making another batch soon, and I'll do a post on it.

After that, I'll sometimes apply my Jan Marini Age Intervention eye cream if my eyes are particularly dry that day.  Sometimes I just stick with my shea butter cream.

Next, I'll apply my Tarte Tinted Moisturizer in Incognito.  It has more coverage than an average tinted moisturizer and it also has SPF 15.  I find that it completely evens out my skin tone and it seals in the moisture from my Shea Mixture.  This may too much for some, but it's just right for my skin in the winter.  Sometimes, I'll blot with a tissue if it's too thick.

Lastly,  I'll set my makeup with Eve Pearl Dual Finish Pressed Powder in Tan.  I use a flat buffer brush and blend the lighter side all over my face and the darker side on the edges for a more natural look.  This powder is a great match for my skin tone.  It's light-weight, sets my tinted moisturizer, and prevents it from greasing up.

If I feel like it, I'll follow up with my Josie Maran Argan Oil Blush stick.  I love these chubby sticks.  They apply so smoothly and their jumbo size makes it easy to do a quick circular application and your done.  Then i'll either take my blush brush or fingers and blend it out on the apples of my cheeks.

To set the blush and make it last longer, I've been using NYX Grinding Blush in Menage a Trois or MAC Pearl Matte Face powder.  The combination of the cream blush with powder on top makes for a long lasting finish. The peachy bronzey color is also very flattering and helps to warm up my winter complexion.

Oh and lastly, I can't forget to apply my aquaphor on my lips.  Can't live without it!

And that's it!  The process literally takes about 3 minutes - apply face moisturizers, setting powder, cream blush and powder blush.  You don't have to be too precise because all of the products are very light and everyday friendly.  I find that just a little tinted moisturizer and blush makes a world of difference from taking me from super exhausted looking to fresh and ready to take on the world.

What are your everyday face routines?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Brandi said...

This seems quick and easy! It takes me forever mostly because I have the worst brows and I try to hard to make them perfect! Thanks for sharing! :)

JJ said...

After washing my face I use Spectro moisturizer, then use a BB cream, then highlight and contour with powder , then nivea lip balm. :)
Is it a bad idea to use regular face moisturizer around the eye area? I wonder what's the difference between normal moisturizer and those specifically for eyes.

kmunye said...

i dont wear makeup on a daily bases, but when i do its it takes me a good 45 to do my thats pretty long

Jani said...

I'd love to hear about your shea butter mix. Currently I'm just mixing cocoa, shea, mango butter with some rose hip and a little bit of organic beeswax for my arms and legs etc.

kulchicbeauty said...

Hey Ren Thanks for sharing your routine i love your tutorials. for some reason i cant seem to get it right when it comes to foundation applications i still end up looking ashy. i always have chapped lips all through the year...i will try the auaphor and see if its going to work for me

Jenny said...

and your foundation looks flawless!

Certified Makeup Addict said...

I love this post. I have acne-prone skin so for daily makeup I have to keep it light. I recently discovered Boots light moisturizer for sensitive skin at Target that works really well and fairly cheap. I also use the Boots light eye cream. Then I use a tinted moisturizer by Smashbox and set with my Clinique pressed powder. If I want to contour/bronze it up I'll use a pressed powder by Clinique in a darker shade. Bronzers look really good on me so sometimes I'll just double them up as blush. Add a gloss, mascara, and liner and done. For everyday liquid eye liner I have fallen in love with Loreal Earthen Rock Brown. Thanks for the post!!

Soniyeee said...

There's usually not much difference... Eye creams, a lot of them usually have the same ingredients as a normal face moisturizer. So u can definitely use ur moisturizer around your eyes.