Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winner! 120 Palette from Sedona Lace

Hi Bellas,

Sorry for posting the winner a little bit late, but here goes!  The winner of the 120 eyeshadow palette it:


Congrats!  You have till Wednesday at midnight eastern standard time to email me at to claim your prize or it goes to someone else.  Thanks!

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaways! Hollywood Glamour Kit - Princess Grace

Hi Bellas,

Back with another Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaway. Today I will be featuring the Sigma Makeup Hollywood Glamour Kit - Princess Grace.  I had to take a mini break from makeup tutorials since my face is recovering from an allergic reaction to some non-related products, lol.  Today I'll give you a review of the set and a chance to win! 

To see my video review and a chance to win, click here!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Complete Post: Ru Paul's Drag Race - Raven's Country Western Look

Hi Bellas,

So you might have seen my last couple of videos featuring a look inspired by Raven from Ru Paul's Drag Race.  Sorry if you're sick of the videos already but I wanted to make sure to give Raven her time and dedicate a complete post to her :)  She rocked a flawless pin-up look on the 3rd episode with a Country Western theme.  Of course, I was inspired to recreate her look.  Unfortunately, I don't have LOGO on my cable package, so I catch the re-runs on VH1.

Here is a video still that I got off the Logo Site.  Unfortunately, it's hard to get pictures of their looks...I can't find them anywhere offline.  So I pretty much have to do it off of memory.  Here is my inspiration:

Winner! 10 Pan Concealer Palette from

Hi Bellas,

Thanks for participating in my 10 Pan Camouflage Concealer Palette Giveaway sponsored by Jason at  The winner of last week's contest is:


You have until Sunday at midnight eastern standard time to email me at and claim your prize or it goes to someone else.  Thanks!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

120 Eyeshadow Palette Review & Giveaway

Hi Bellas,

This is my second review for  This review focuses on the 120 eyeshadow palette. Once again, I've seen this product out there on the market as many companies are retailing this palette. I've used the 88 Warm Palette before and the 96 palette, but not this one so I was interested to test it out.

To see my full review and to find out how to win this palette, click here!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FOTD: Fresh & Sporty Look Using Sigma Makeup

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to take a break from doing videos and post a simple Face of the Day Blog Post.  I actually wore this look on New Years Day.  My friends and I went to an Atlanta Hawks Game - my first real NBA game.  It was so much fun!  Just in case I got my face plastered on the jumbo screen, I wanted to make sure I looked decent.  I went for a neutral look that wouldn't scream overly made up for a sporting event.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Winner! Sigma Makeup Beauty on the Go Kit Fun Colors

Hi Bellas,

Thanks for participating in another Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaway.  The winner of last week's contest, for the Sigma Beauty on the Go Kit Fun colors is:


You have until Wednesday at midnight eastern standard time to email me at and claim your prize or it goes to someone else.  Thanks!

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New Valentine Kisses Drugstore Giveaway Winner, Again!

Hey Guys,

Hopefully third time is the charm.  The last two drawn names for the Valentine Kisses drugstore giveaway never claimed their prize.  I'm drawing again and the winner is:

Chocolate Fiend.

Please email me at by Wednesday, Midnight Eastern Standard time to claim your prize.  If not, I'll probably change it up and give it away on twitter.

Thanks everyone!

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Review: 10 Pan Concealer 1 of Ru Paul's Drag Race Tutorial - Raven's "Country Western" Look

Hi Bellas,

I had the chance to review the 10 Pan Camoflage Concealer Palette from  I've seen this product out there on the market as many companies are retailing this palette.  I was always a little skeptical to see how well it worked and was excited to test it out so I can tell you all what I really think about it.

Check out my video review!  

To see part 1 of my tutorial inspired by Raven of Ru Paul's Drag Race using this palette, as well as a chance to win one for yourself, click here!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaways! Beauty on the Go Kit Fun Colors

Hi Bellas,

Back with another Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaway. Today I will be featuring the Sigma Makeup Beauty on the Go Kit Fun Colors. I'll give you a review of the set and a chance to win! Watch the whole video to check out the gold smokey eye I's really my go to look for clients.

To see swatches, my review and the products used, click here!

New Valentine Kisses Winner!

Hi Everyone,

The original winner of the Valentine Kisses Drugstore/Accessories giveaway never claimed her prize.  As a result, I did another drawing and the winner is...


Please email me at by Midnight on Sunday EST to claim your prize or it will go to someone else.

Stay tuned for Sigma Makeup's Friday Giveaway.  I will be posting the new video this afternoon.  Thanks!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ru Paul's Drag Race - Tyra's Gold Cut Crease

Hi Bellas,

I did this look about two weeks ago and I need to go ahead and post it before it gets old, lol.  I'm absolutely in love with the show Ru Paul's Drag Race.  Seriously, it has everything I'm looking for - comedy, amazing makeup, great fashion, challenges, runway,and of course Ru Paul!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winner! Sigma Beauty on the Go Kit Smokey Eyes

Hi Bellas,

Thanks for participating in another Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaway.  The winner of last week's contest, for the Sigma Beauty on the Go Kit Smokey Eyes is:

g (yup that's the name...lower case g)

You can find these products at

You have until Thursday at midnight eastern standard time to email me at and claim your prize or it goes to someone else.  Thanks!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine Kisses Winner

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for participating in my giveaway.  The winner chosen at random is:

Misstania08!  You have until Thursday at midnight eastern standard time to email me at to claim your prize.

Stay tuned for my next giveaway on Friday!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

i know you are probably tired of the makeup questions i just wanted to know what concealer do you use on your clients? thanx ;)

i actually use my cream foundation from cinema secrets or graftobian as creamy concealer...but for undereye circles I use correctors from either MAC pro,eve pearl or MUFE

Ask me anything

Alternative to Hair Removal - My Spring It Product Review

Hi Bellas,

I hope you had an amazing weekend.  It was great to combine Valentines Day with a long weekend.  Today, i'll be reviewing a new product which helps remove that pesky peach fuzz that plagues us all.  Rachel from provided me with the Spring It hair removal device.  I've seen a couple of other reviews on this new and innovative product and was excited to check it out!

Check out my video review!

For up close pictures and more, click here!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lady Gaga Grammy's Look/Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaways! Beauty on the Go Kit Smokey Eyes

Hi Bellas,

Back with another tutorial/review/giveaway!  Today's look was inspired from Lady Gaga's gorgeous makeup at this year's Grammys.  The look was bold yet glamorous and kudos to Celebrity Makeup Artist Billy B for finally making celebrity makeup tutorials fun to do!  As soon as I saw Gaga's look, I knew I wanted to recreate it.  I did this look right after the awards but wanted to wait till today to make sure I posted it with my Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaways.

The look is pretty much a smokey eye and hot pink lip.  I've seen a few tutorials on YouTube so far, but I wanted to post my take on it.  Some of the tutorials used a bit of green in her smokey eye.  I stuck with silvers/grays because that's what I saw in the pictures. 

Valentine Kisses Drugstore Makeup Review & Giveaway

Hi Bellas!

I'm back with another review and giveaway.  I was contacted by the owner of a new website specializing in everything girly - jewelry, hair accessories, makeup and more.  And best yet, it's all affordable.  Crystal from decided to launch a site which brings a lot of your favorite drug store brands at really great prices.  All of the item are brand new but were overstock or clearance bin items.  Each week the site brings you brand new sales and the product line is expanding to bring brands like Sephora and Smashbox.

Check out my video of the loot and my mini reviews on several drug store makeup items
Crystal asked me what kind of jewelry and makeup styles I was interested in and sent me a huge box of items to try.  I'll continue to use the items in my upcoming tutorials and give you product reviews along the way.

Click here to see all of the goodies and the giveaway!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Graftobian Dual Finish Palette Swatches

Hi Bellas,

Happy Hump Day!  I tried uploading a video last night for the second night in a row but once again, YouTube aborted it.  Dern!  Usually I just do it before I go to bed and it's there in the morning, but this time I'll make sure and watch it until it completely uploads.

Meanwhile, i wanted to share with you some swatches of a kit essential - my Graftobian Dual Finish Palettes.  My girl/fellow blogger/Filipino Hottie Christiana asked me to swatch them for her.  Since I took the time to label them and make them nice and pretty in photoshop, I thought I'd share in case some of you were interested.

First off, these palettes contain powder foundations that can be used wet or dry.  You can use them alone as foundation, to set makeup, and to contour and highlight.  There are 24 shades to choose from.  You can probably compare them to MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation but they're not quite as thick.

I first bought the palette from when building my kit.  I've used this many many times.  When I first started out, it was a God Send!  The powder is smooth and pigmented and photographs nicely.  Translucent powder looks ashy on darker skin tones so I'd use this palette to set.  Also, if my first application of cream/liquid foundation was a bit off I would just apply the powder on top to correct it, problem solved!  It's easy to color match since all the colors are laid nicely on a palette...I'll sometimes even dip my brush into multiple shades to get the perfect combination.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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New Blog Layout!

Hi Bellas,

You might have noticed something different when checking in on my blog today...the layout is totally different now!  I've been wanting to change up my blog for a while now.  It was looking a bit dated and juvenile.  I wanted it more streamlined and easier to read.

Last night, the BF hooked me up and fixed it for me.  It helps having a Computer Science major around the house, lol.  Even though it looks different, navigation wise, the elements are still in the same place.  I wanted this done on purpose because sometimes I get alienated when a site I'm used to completely flips the script on me and it's difficult to navigate.  My blog also ties a bit more to my professional Makeup Website which I like.

I still hope to tweak the page a bit, and add a little more flair.  Thanks for sticking with me!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Monday, February 8, 2010

Winner! Sigma Beauty on the Go Kit Neutral Shades

Hi Bellas,

Thank you to everyone for participating in Friday's Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaway.  We had over 1200 comments, whoa!

If you didn't win, I have another Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaway coming up.

You can find these products at

Click here to find out who won!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaways! Beauty on the Go Kit Neutral Shades

i Bellas,

I'm excited to announce the return of Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaways. I was fortunate enough to try out Sigma's new makeup line. Every Friday I'll review a new Beauty on the Go Kit as well as some other items. Not only will I review them, but I'll give you a tutorial on how to use them in a look, and give you a chance to win.
Check out my video review and tutorial!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally - Blogger Secret Santa Pics!

Hi Bellas,

Sorry for the delay on getting this pic up, I'm so late!  As you all know, I've had some technical difficulties with the laptop for the last month.  That explains the lack of videos.  Thank goodness, the BF was able to repair it completely as of this weekend.  I can finally get to pictures that I needed to post for a while now.

This year, I was lucky enough to participate in Pam's Blogger Secret Santa.  A lot of us were involved and it went off without a hitch.  I was lucky enough to get a Secret Santa who knew me and read my blog regularly.  Trammie hooked me up!  She really paid attention to my wish list.

Check out the goodies!  It came packaged in the box and I could see the red tin foil stuffing coming out, he he.  But I was good and waited till Christmas to open it...I even brought it home with me to Orlando.

First off, I asked for Asian Cosmetic goodies!  She hooked me up with yummy candies and some face masks and skin care.  I ate all the chocolate treats the next day, lol.  I love Pokey and Koala Yummies!  I also asked for a new wallet with lots of storage.  I had one that my friend got me for X-mas last year, but it got doused in hot pink pen ink and looked a hot mess.  She hooked me up with one in my favorite color and I'm using it to this day!  It has plenty of room for cards, cash and receipts - gotta love it!

She also hooked me up with some MAC brush cleanser - thank goodness!  I tried making my own homemade brush cleanser but it just doesn't work as well.  The Sephora brush cleanser isn't that great either.

I also got a super cute purple eyeshadow palette from Napoleon Perdis.  I'm going to try to do a look with it for you guys.  Gotta love anything in a palette!  This is my first time trying the brand and so far so good!

Thanks again to my Secret Santa Trammie! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beauty So Clean Winner

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for participating in my Beauty So Clean Giveaway.  The winner is:


Please email me at by Friday at Midnight eastern standard time with your mailing information or the prize will go to someone else.

If you didn't win, no worries.  Stay tuned for Friday's Sigma Makeup giveaway.

Atlanta Makeup Artist

The Hard Part of Being a Makeup Artist...

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you a makeover I did a few weeks ago.  This was a part of the community service program I participated in called the Help Portrait.  I worked with a team of photographers and the Center for Working Families for this National Day of giving back.  The premise of the Help Portrait is to give members of the community the opportunity to have a professional portrait taken.  Many of us take this for granted.  Sadly, some only have their portrait taken when being incarcerated.  Everyone should have a chance to have their picture gives a sense of confidence and a meaningful momento to take home.  I did the makeovers with the help of my two friends who assisted me. 

Note:  This isn't the typical happy go lucky's my honest thoughts and my real experience that shows the other side of being a makeup artist.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Winner - Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer

Since the last winner didn't claim her prize by the deadline, the new winner is:

Please email me at by Wednesday at midnight eastern standard time, or the prize will go to someone else.  Thanks!

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Bare Escentuals Rethink What Matters Campaign

Hi Bellas,

I know a lot of you are familiar with the mineral makeup company Bare Escentuals.  They were the first mineral makeup brand I ever tried out, and continue to be one of the leading companies out there.  I was recently contacted by a representative of the company to spread word on their new "Rethink What Matters Campaign".  Their website will host a huge giveaway as of 2/19/10.

Meanwhile, the site will be having weekly giveaways engaging you all with thought provoking topics.  This new approach will help bring awareness to some of their new products, get a sense of who their readers are, and engage you all in a lot of awesome giveaways.  Each week there will be a new topic where you all can voice your thoughts.  I'll be sharing information about these giveaways as well as doing some reviews of my own.

Today's topic is Rethink Your Environment with 500 instant wins of the bareMinerals Blush.

Good luck!

FTC Disclosure:  I have not been paid to promote this product. 

Atlanta Makeup Artist

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sanitizing Makeup Miracle - Beauty So Clean Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm really excited to do this review for you all.  This product applies both to makeup artists and personal makeup users.  How to sanitize your makeup. 

I find myself to be a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to my kit and applying makeup on others.  I use palettes and spatulas for all my cream products.  I never double dip my disposable applicators and I use alcohol with a vengeance.  However, I always found it difficult to sanitize my powder products.

With powder products, bacteria usually doesn't penetrate beneath the top surface of the makeup.  Never spray powder products with alcohol. This will ruin the surface of the shadow by producing a hard, cakey layer that will be difficult to scrape off.  That means, all you have to do is take a tissue and wipe off the top layer of the product in order to sanitize it.   However, when you have dozens of palettes with eyeshadows, blushes and the's hard to get to sanitizing everything.  It gets messy and you go through a lot of tissues...get a lot of makeup dust fall-out and it's overall a mess.  This is me speaking from experience.

In the last year, I heard about the Beauty So Clean products.  It's a spray or wipe that combines sanitizing agents with emollients in order to disinfect your makeup without messing up the surface.  I was so excited to try this out!  I actually purchased the Pro Size Sanitizing Mist and a Travel Size one for my kit.

I have extremely sensitive skin and I'm prone to eye infections and lip irritations.  Those of you who have the same problems or who experience acne breakouts from makeup should pay close attention to this product.  Cleaning your makeup brushes does not ensure that your makeup is clean.  Bacteria transfer from our face to the brush and the well as oils from our fingers.  Sneezing and coughing can also infect your makeup.

Click here to check out my review and see how to win!