Washing Makeup Brushes

Hi Bellas,

I've gotten a couple of requests to show you how I deep clean my brushes.  I do this on a weekly basis and go through dozens of brushes.  Reason being is that I do this after every client to make sure my brushes are nice and sanitary.  I've perfected the way I do it in order to save time and get the job done.  I needed to clean a set of brushes anyways, so decided to film it at the same time.

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Here's What I Used:

  • Clorox Wipes - To clean metal spatulas and wipe off brush handles
  • Pink Soap - To get out tough makeup stains from white tipped bristles like the MAC187 or Sigma F80
  • Baby Shampoo - To wash the bristles
  • Conditioner - To condition the bristles
  • Parian Spirit Brush Cleanser & Jar - To clean lipstick or lipgloss off brushes
  • Towel - To lay brushes on to dry
  • Brush Guards/Toilet-Paper or Paper Towel - To put on top of bristles to let them dry and keep their shape
  • Container - I use the top of a pencil box to put my soap and conditioner in.  It saves product this way
  • Sink! - You'll need running water :)
Tips to Clean Brushes
  • Clean three smaller brushes together to save time.  I group together concealer brushes or eyeshadow brushes to make sure product doesn't transfer to cleaner brushes.  I show you this in the video.
  • If you don't have Pink Soap, use olive oil to clean lipstick brushes.  It cuts apart the product and gets all the residue out.  Make sure to shampoo after to get out the oil.
  • Rest the brush heads over a counter so that they don't dry weird or mold up.
Hope that helped!  If you have any more tips and tricks, leave them in the comments below.  Ciao bellas!