Bubble Babez Review with Mike!

Hi Bellas,

I recently had the opportunity to test out products from my friend and fellow YouTube guru Nikki20six.  She is a true entrepreneur and her her own line of bath products which is absolutely amazing.  If you like bubble baths and pampering yourself on a budget you should definitely check out this review.

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Nikki makes all her products herself.  You can tell she puts love into them by making special formulas based on her friends' favorite colors and scents.  Her store offers everything from soap bars, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, bath truffles, lotion bars and bath sets.  There is a huge variety of scents which she simplifies by sorting them into different categories - bakery, candy shop, fruit stand, kiddie korner, knock-off shop, man-cave, perfumery, and spa.

If you're not sure what you want, Nikki conveniently offers samples.  Choose 5 for $6.50 - the size will last you a good two weeks.  I was sent three to try out.

I really loved this scent.  It's Pina Collada with an edge - mango, papaya and a splash of coconut.  It also contains jojoba beads for gentle exfoliation.
I didn't see Mango Parfait on the website but this one is a cleaner, creamier scent with a faint hint of Mango.
Watermelon Jelly Rancher is too cute.  You can see the different colors just like the actual fruit and really does taste good enough to eat.  She nailed this scent.

Full Size Soap Bars range anywhere from $4 to $6.50

Girly Girl - This is the only full sized soap bar I received and I wanted to save it for the video so everyone could see how cute it was.  Pink and Sparkles and smells like grape candy- what's not to love?  

Man Cave - Nikki hooked the BF up by sending some products from her category catering men.  Great for stocking stuffers and for tricking your men into proper skincare!  Better yet, they make your men smell gorgeous!  And for all my male viewers out there, this review is for you too!

Hey Sexy Shaving Soap $5 - This soap offers a rich lather combined with moisturizing oils including vitamin e, almond oil and olive oil.  The BF said it's not quite as foamy as shaving cream but it's more moisturizing and offers a great scent.  It's a great alternative to a bulky can of shaving soap especially when you're traveling.  The scent is modeled after I am King by Sean John - smells amazing!
Desire $5 - This soap also smells great.  It's modeled after Beckham Signature Cologne.  The bar also contains salt for detoxification and exfoliating.  These products are great because they smell good and are good for your skin too - especially great for guys who don't have a skincare regimen.
Sugar Scrub Cubes in Peach - $7 The cool thing about this scrub is that it comes in little cubes which you break off.  I like that because it's a lot easier to use than getting a handful of loose scrub.  This product is amazing for removing self-tanner from your hands - it worked better than any of my other exfoliating products.  It smells so delicious you want to eat it.

Keep in mind, you'll need to store these products out of your tub and away from water.  Otherwise, they water will disintegrate them and also mess up with the paper labels.  

Thanks Nikki for the products and make sure to check everything out at www.BubbleBabez.com

Ciao bellas!

FTC Disclosure:  Products sponsored for review.  I am not paid to write this review and am not affiliated with the company.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.