Veronica's Engagement Shoot

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to show you some shots of a client I did for her engagement pictures.  I'd worked with her before on her bridal trial.  She's such a sweet person and it makes the appointment go by really quick!  That day, she also had a hair trial.  Unfortunately, the appointment ran about 2 hours late, meaning I had less than 30 minutes to do her consultation and entire face!

To see the makeover, click here!
The bride chose a look inspired by Kourtney Kardashian.  She knew she wanted a color scheme using MAC's Satin Taupe eyeshadow..  She still wanted to look like herself, very natural but with a little bit of enhancement.

Unfortunately, my pictures that I took turned out really grainy.

Here's a few shots from her professional photographer.  The shots came out amazing!
Credit to *Melissa Prosser Photography

The bride ended up liking the look so much that she'll be using it on her bridesmaids.  I think it's a very appropriate bridal look because it's very natural yet glamorous.  In bridal makeup you need to be able to turn out a bridesmaid's look in 30 minutes or less.  Luckily I was prepared with this session!  Hope you all enjoyed!

Atlanta Makeup Artist