Balmshell Lipgloss Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm always on the hunt for new and innovative products.  As a blogger, I've tried out many brands and products.  When I see something new, it's like a breath of fresh air.  I felt this way when I had the opportunity to try out the lipgloss line called Balmshell.  I picked out a gloss and they sent me additional samples to review.

When I saw the website I was really impressed.  It's very chic and professional looking.  I continued to read their site and found out that the product was actually developed by twin sisters who were both cosmetic junkies, cute!  They were inspired by a float art pen that they discovered in a kitschy shop in Yorkville.  Each lipgloss contains its own illustrations reminiscent of the inner Goddess in all of us.

The website does a great job of featuring the products.  It's easy to navigate, fun and colorful.  There's nothing worse than trying to click through a confusing, hard to read website.  The first thing I noticed about the products is the insanely cute packaging!  Check out some of these images of the glosses Hair-apy, Shoe Fetish, and Shopaholic.  If you visit the site, each gloss has their own super cute story attached.

Once you're done with the actual lipgloss, you can keep the cute "float art" top and screw it into the key chain component provided by the packaging.  What a cute idea!

Paraben Free
Jojoba Oil - brings moisture to the lips
Lanolin Oil - locks in moisture
Perfume Free - flavoured with a hint of naturally fruity vanilla

I chose the shade "That's So 80's" because of the unique color and of course, the cute packaging!  One side is a screw top of the actual gloss and the other has pictures of hot 80's chicks.

The color actually applies with more of a slight tint.  It's described as Sheer Retro Mauve.  This makes it a lot more wearable.  Here's a shot of me wearing the gloss.

As you can see, it applies as a sheer tint of plum - really pretty!  The glosses are not sticky at all.

I was also sent an incredibly cute mini pack of lipglosses to try.  Each one is about an 1.5 long and perfect for your purse for a quick touch-up.  If they had the whole set i'd totally get them for travel or bridal touch ups!

-Darling You Look Fabulous - Red gloss that gives a watermelon tint to my lips
-Shopaholic - Baby pink gloss that gives a gorgeous nudish, pink lip
-Weekend in the Hamptons - Light beige gloss that's a great sheer, nude lip to go with a dramatic eye
-Shoe Fetish - Magenta shade that gives my lips that just bitten look
All these glosses are on the sheer side but the color is buildable especially on top of a lipstick or liner.

These glosses retail for $20.  It's a bit more than the average gloss but when you get a lipgloss and key chain in one, it really explains the up charge.  I would consider this a special occasion lipgloss.  I'd save it for use in my evening clutch to touch up with - just so I could show it off, lol.  They'd also make a really great gift.

-love the story line behind each gloss and the names
-you can use the gloss top as a keychain after
-super cute packaging
-gloss is not sticky
-sheer tint makes all the colors very wearable

-if you like super pigmented glosses, not for you
-pricing is a bit more than the average gloss

You can purchase these products at select retailers in the USA, Canada, and Europe.  Click here to find the location nearest you.  These glosses as well as their Cheek and Lip Gel stains are also easily available at  Check them out!

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FTC Disclosure:  Products provided by company for review.  I was not paid to write this post and not affiliated with the company.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.