Brush Love Review - Boar Bristle Brush

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another hair post.  Today I'll be reviewing an essential for those who love a good blow dry - the boar bristle brush.

I have thick, semi-straight hair that honestly doesn't look quite right unless I blow it out.  I used to use paddle brushes but my hair game totally changed when I discovered the boar bristle brush.

BrushLove sent me the their newest BrushLab Thermal Round Hair Brush to try out.

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My Hair Routine
I usually only wash my hair 2 maybe three times a week and use a dry shampoo in between.  This might sound gross, but it really helps preserve my hair.  It doesn't dry out as much and my hair color lasts longer.  When I do wash my hair, I let it air dry about 80% and then I like to give myself a good blow out.  By doing so, I give my hair a lot of body and it helps last the 3-4 days until I wash it again.

I wanted to see how the BrushLab Thermal Round Hair Brush would fit into my routine.  I'm actually pretty picky about the round brushes I use to get a good blow out so you can bet that this review will be unyielding.

First Impressions
First off, I'm loving the design of the brush.  It has a super cute, hot pink handle that is rubberized.  This makes a huge difference when blow drying.  Your hands don't slip and it's easier to get more control over the brush.  I picked the largest size, 3 inches, because my hair is on the long and thick side.  It also comes in different sizes for other hair lengths.
Testing It Out
As soon as I used it I noticed that this bad boy really grips your hair!  If you have problems with your hair slipping from a brush during blow outs, you will not have an issue with this.  I think the bristles are cut in a way so that they really latch onto your locks.  This is a bit different from my Chi Round brush which is a little easier to pull through.  Because it really grips on, I like using the BrushLab Brush for more straighter styles of blow outs.  It helps to move this brush in a downwards position so it's easier to pull through the hair, I then curl it under for a nice, bouncey finish.

-rubberized handle makes the brush easy to grip
-adds body and curl to hair or you can use it straighten hair
-thermal coated bear helps distribute heat to prevent damage and maintain curl to the hair
-makes hair shiny
-100% natural premium cut boar bristle

-gets a really strong grip on the hair - I have to put a little more muscle in brushing it through.

You can find this brush for $18.98 at BrushLove along with a huge assortment of other brushes and hair tools.

FTC Disclosure:  Product was sent for review by the company.  I am not affiliated with the company and am not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Atlanta Makeup Artist