Lipgloss for All Ages!

Hi Bellas,

I've been meaning to do this review for months!  I've had the Yo Yo lipgloss clipped to my purse for who knows how long.  I lost contact with the company but still wanted to share this product with you.  When it comes to makeup for my younger fans, I definitely suggest very light, little makeup.  Especially for those in the young girl to tween category, I think you should stick with natural beauty and enjoy being a kid!  If there's one product I'm okay with, it's a light flavored gloss or balm.

Yo Yo lipgloss created this really fun product that I think would be greater for all of our kids, younger sisters and cousins out there.

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I was sent a few of the mini glosses to try out.  They come in a variety of flavors and colors including Big Bounce Bubblegum, Cha-Cha Chocolate, Kissable Kiwi (my fav) and Girly Green Apple.
The Gloss
With a product aimed at a younger demographic, you might think that the gloss itself would be pretty sheer and nothing to talk about.  However, the product itself actually isn't cheap like you'd's a nice formula developped by a former chemist of Estee Lauder.  Most of them apply pretty sheer but have a slight hint of color.  They also all have a nice flavor.  Perfect for tweens!  They have a little bit of glitter to them and a nice amount of shine.  The cool thing about these glosses are that they also have a cooling sensation that actually lasts for a good amount of time.

They're retractable!
The feature that differentiates this product is the clip on cord.  These glosses are retractable and you can clip them onto anything - your jeans, pockets, purses.  I've had mine hooked to my purse for several months and it never came off.  In fact, i've gone through pretty much the entire gloss and I think i'll save the super cute hot pink clip and cord for my ID badge for work, he he.  I think younger fans would really like the novelty of the product.  I can see them rocking these glosses on their jean pockets and back packs to class.  I for one, have used mine on many occasions when I'm running around and need something quick on my lips.  Even though this is a thick gloss, it somehow seems to lock in the moisture on my lips.  When I can't dig through my massive purse for my lip moisturizer, this gloss does the trick.

Where Can You Find Them?
These are available online and in many stores nationwide.  They've even made an appearance at this year's International Beauty Show in NY.  They're super affordable retailing at $2.99.  I think these would make a great stocking stuffer, gift or goody bag filler for that favorite tween in your life.

Final Thoughts
In sum, I think this product is best marketed for teens and pre-teens but as a grown woman, I didn't mind rocking it on my purse!

FTC Disclosure:  Products sent by company for review.  I am not affiliated with this company or paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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