Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaways! Hollywood Glamour Kit - Princess Grace

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Back with another Sigma Makeup Friday Giveaway. Today I will be featuring the Sigma Makeup Hollywood Glamour Kit - Princess Grace.  I had to take a mini break from makeup tutorials since my face is recovering from an allergic reaction to some non-related products, lol.  Today I'll give you a review of the set and a chance to win! 

To see my video review and a chance to win, click here!

Check out my video review!

You can't deny the cute/girly factor in this little kit.  I of course picked pink because it's my favorite color.  You can also choose black or red.  Love how these kits are based off of the Hollywood icons Princess Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn.

Each kit contains:
-1 retractable Kabuki Brush

-1 heart shaped mirror
-Makeup bag
Available in pink, red, or black

Retail Price $49.00 on

My Thoughts
This is such a great gift idea for that friend that loves makeup.  You don't have to worry about picking out makeup colors ..everyone can use the makeup bag, mini mirror and kabuki.  

Makeup Bag:  First off, the makeup bag is such a gorgeous silky material.  Only thing is that the outside can easily show makeup stains.  Since i'm OCD, I used mine to hold things like makeup brushes, sharpeners, and other items that wouldn't spill and ruin it.  However, the inside is lined with a vinyl type fabric which makes it easy to wipe away dirt and makeup.
Mirror:  The mirror is completely blinged out with rhinestones and it's pretty heavy which shows it's of good quality.  Sometimes I feel like pulling it out to check my reflection not because I need to, but because it's so cute and I want to show it off.  The mirror has a regular mirror side and a magnifying side.
Retractable Kabuki:  As far the Kabuki, not only does it work but it's super cute!  This really reminds me of the Two Faced Kabuki that came out a few years ago that everyone was raving about.  The bristles are super soft and since it's retractable it's perfect for the purse and on the go.  If you carry powder in your purse, this is way more hygienic then any other sponge or random makeup brush collecting dirt.  Honestly, I would get this set just because of the kabuki!
Final Conclusion:  My only con for this is that at first glance it might seem pricey at $49.50.  However, when you break it down - you get an amazing blinged out mirror, makeup bag, and incredible kabuki brush.  Just for reference, the regular MAC kabuki is $45 alone and isn't even retractable.  A similar sized makeup bag from MAC is also $25.  Just something to think about!  

Giveaway Alert Giveaway Alert Giveaway Alert!

Sigma Makeup has again generously agreed to sponsor a Hollywood Glamour Kit in Princess Grace for one of you lucky readers.

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