Graftobian Dual Finish Palette Swatches

Hi Bellas,

Happy Hump Day!  I tried uploading a video last night for the second night in a row but once again, YouTube aborted it.  Dern!  Usually I just do it before I go to bed and it's there in the morning, but this time I'll make sure and watch it until it completely uploads.

Meanwhile, i wanted to share with you some swatches of a kit essential - my Graftobian Dual Finish Palettes.  My girl/fellow blogger/Filipino Hottie Christiana asked me to swatch them for her.  Since I took the time to label them and make them nice and pretty in photoshop, I thought I'd share in case some of you were interested.

First off, these palettes contain powder foundations that can be used wet or dry.  You can use them alone as foundation, to set makeup, and to contour and highlight.  There are 24 shades to choose from.  You can probably compare them to MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation but they're not quite as thick.

I first bought the palette from when building my kit.  I've used this many many times.  When I first started out, it was a God Send!  The powder is smooth and pigmented and photographs nicely.  Translucent powder looks ashy on darker skin tones so I'd use this palette to set.  Also, if my first application of cream/liquid foundation was a bit off I would just apply the powder on top to correct it, problem solved!  It's easy to color match since all the colors are laid nicely on a palette...I'll sometimes even dip my brush into multiple shades to get the perfect combination.

Swatches (Click to expand)

Here's a shot of the Neutral Palette from  I'll often use this one on myself for quick foundation, or even to highlight and contour.  This size is smaller than the one for CRC so it fits conveniently in a kit or drawer.

If you're looking to build your kit with these powders, they are very affordable.  You can get the pre-filled palettes for $79.99.  This includes the magnetic palette ($11.99) and 8 pans of foundation ($8.50).  The size is perfect for the kit and will last you a long time.  Compare $8.50 vs over $25 from MAC.  If you decide to get this for your own personal use, they have the larger size that comes with a compact and mirror for $18.99.

In sum, I highly recommend this product.  Whether you get the individual powder or the palette, it's worth a try.

You can find these at  Better yet, I just saw they'll be at IMATS LA this year.  Yay!

FTC Disclosure:  I bought the original palette with my own money.  The second item was later provided for review.  I have not been paid to write this review and am not affiliated with the company.  These are my honest thoughts.