Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Show me Your Halloween Pictures

Hi Bellas,

It's been a super busy week at work but i'll definitely get my Halloween pics up asap. I'm so glad to hear from some of you that my tutorials helped you create your looks.

One of my viewers Jenn was sweet enough to send me some pics of her look inspired from my zombie video. Originally she had no plans to dress up, just to take her son out trick or treating. But the look was so easy to do that she was inspired!

Here is my video:

Check out her recreation below. She did a great job!

If you used any of my Halloween videos to do a look this past weekend, please email them to makeupbyren@yahoo.com and I'll make sure to feature them on my blog!


MakeupByAmberRashid said...

i used your zombie video as inspiration for my little brothers halloween costume. i will definitely be sending in pics :)


ohhh this is gooooood! i donnt really do the holiday thing but i was looking into how to make realistic wounds. THANKS SO MUCH hey did you take an FX class?

DSK Steph said...

Hey RenRen, will you be posting the coupon code for the cases from yasmo? After watching your video, I am in great need of a chest for all my makeup treasures ^_~