Tuesday, November 10, 2009

MAC and Sally Beauty Haul

Hi Bellas!

Back with another video.  I actually recorded this a few weeks ago but I still wanted to show you guys some of the steals and deals I picked up.  I'm trying to be better about recording my hauls so I wait to film a video before putting everything away...the mess makes me want to film the video quicker!

Check out my haul video!

First off, I headed to Sally Beauty...I love going to this store...it's like a Toys R Us for makeup artists/junkies.  First I picked up some hair clips.  These are really good for keeping hair back while doing makeup.  I always keep this in my kit to give to clients so that I don't get makeup or foundation in their hair.  I got some regular ones as well as the Croco-Clip which are amazing for slippery, straight hair.

While I was there I also picked up some wedge sponges, not pictured here but you can see them in the video.  It was a huge bag for about $8...and the sponges were pretty good quality.

Sally Beauty was also having a sale on Ardell lashes, 2 for $6.  This is cheaper than http://www.madamemadeline.com/ where I used to buy them...it seems as if this site increased their prices, booo.  I picked up some must-haves for the kit.

The 110 are great for a natural lash with a bit of length...for those who are scared of falsies.  I like this for bridal work.

The 109's are a great option for a natural look as well.  They offer volume to the lashes but don't look super duper long from the side view.

120 Demi's are a fav of my mine...they give anyone who wears them a va va voom look!

Next I show you some items from the MAC holiday collection.

Here we have Shezam dazzleglass.  This silvery looking gloss actually reflects pearl and pink and looks amazing over any lipcolor to give a nude, sexy shimmery lip.  It's not like the typical dazzleglass...definitely get this if you haven't already!  I also picked up the soft sparkle pencil in night sky...great for those who want a glitter, smokey eye...perfect for the holidays.  Too bad I haven't used it yet, lol.

Here I am wearing Steelo Mocha liner and MAC Creamsheen lipstick in Modesty.  I topped it off with Shezam dazzleglass and it turned a plaino mauve lipstick into sexy J-Lo lips.

I picked up three of the Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos.  The colored side is very pigmented and smooth, the glittery side pretty much sucks.  Blue sorcery is a must-have!


Stay tuned for my next haul where I show off the MAC holiday lipglass sets!


blkprincess87 said...

U bought some really nice stuff. I love those lashes. When u buy makeup do u buy it to use on urself or to use on other ppl?

Clearly Beautiful Blog said...

Great haul! I want to go to Sally's now!

Chrysee. said...

great stuff..maybe i should stop over sallys now lol.

<3 Chrysee

disclaimer: my blog is private so shoot me an email (cmramil@gmail.com) so i can send an invite.

ngocupham said...

I love the haul. I only been to Sally's once. I know it is a good place to go to for cosmectic and hair, but I actually do not buy anything because I did find other places that have things I need for cheaper price. I know lashes there is pretty cheap. WHen I went there, I was looking to buy nailart brush...But OMG so expensive. I probably can go to Micheal's and get brushes at cheaper price.

I do love the mac shadow. I love the color. I want to become a makeup artist like you. It would be so cool if I ever get a client. But I need so much practice for doing makeup. Since you are a pro...Can you do a series of video on YT about how to do eye makeup for different eye shape. For me I think eyes is the hardest part of makeup. It is important to make ur eyes look sexy, and express your soul. Ha ha ha But please if you can. I have very hard time to do my own makeup for eyes because my eye is smaller (Asian) and the lid is so small it sink in the eyesocket.

Ateya said...

I love SheZam....the best!

Lorie said...

I love your haul vids. I had to go to Sally's last night after watching your vid. I've never tried the demi wispies, but I bought them/tried them last night, and they are soooo lightweight! I'm in love with these falsies. Thank you for the recommendations/pictures of these lashes.

CHARRY said...

Oh I want to have the blue sorcery! it looks good on your swatches. I only have one from the collection. I'm planning to get that blue one too. Thanks for the beautiful swatches :)