Makeup Lessons - Wedding Guest Look

Hi Bellas!

It's been another crazy day at work so I thought I'd leave you with a quick post. A few weeks ago, one of my lovely YouTube viewers contacted me requesting a makeup lesson. Half of my gigs are actually makeup lessons for both everyday makeup wearers as well as aspiring makeup artists. I love doing these because it's always a good feeling to help others learn and embrace the craft.

My client was interesting in creating a look for a wedding she was intending. I always request the clients to bring their makeup bag and brushes to make sure they know how to use their products to create the look. There's no point in using my products when they don't own them.

We had two options: a green or a purple look. I ended up only taking pictures of the green look but both looked great!

Each time I have a client, I try to take some jewels of wisdom and add it to my makeup knowledge bank. Here are a few highlights from the lesson which I hope you all can benefit from as well:

1) If you go to a MAC counter for help...make sure they try the product on you. If you get a snobby artist...ask for someone else or go to another counter. The truth the makeup business, there are a lot of snooty people out there. However, this is a service industry and you should be able to get great service. I hate when people think they're better than you just because they work at a certain cosmetics brand or even a clothing retail me, it doesn't make sense. They're in the service industry to serve others not to stand there with a superiority complex. Many brands have a return policy even for used cosmetics - just make sure to bring it back with a receipt within the allotted time frame. If you don't like it...return it. And don't feel pressured to by something just because someone pressures you. You guys know what i'm talking about!

2) If your skin is starting to mature and you start to notice those fine lines especially around your eyes and on your eye lid...avoid frosty, super shimmery eye shadows. They only accentuate the lines even more and make you look order. Instead, stick with mattes or satins with a slight sheen.

3) Don't be afraid to experiment! Try going through your makeup stash and practice pairing different colors together. You'll get a lot more miles out of your makeup that way then sticking to the same combinations.

With that said, here are pictures from the lesson. I didn't get a chance to take a before and after but at least I got the latter!

Here's What I Used:

-moisturizer and primer (don't remember which ones)
-MUFE corrector palette - the darkest one...I used this for concealer, foundation and contour
-Azalea Blush
-Bobbi Brown concealer

-gorgeous gold e/s
-sumptuous olive e/s
-femme noir e/s
-bamboo e/s
-prescriptives gel liner
-ardell false lashes

-client's own MAC lipstick and gloss
-chesnut lip pencil

That's all for now folks!

Atlanta Makeup Artist