Hair Straightening Tutorial - Blow out and Flat Iron

Hi Bellas!

It's another cold Monday here in Atlanta. I had a great weekend of quality time with the girls and my Boyfriend. Saw a few movies...Good Hair and Where The Wild Things Are. I recommend both!

Anywho, back with another hair tutorial! I needed to wear my hair down and super straight for my best friend's dress rehearsal a few weeks back. I know I'm a bit lazy with my hair on my videos, so I figured I might as well take the opportunity to film myself straightening my hair. I use the blow out and flat iron method.

These are the tools I used:

I like two kinds of brushes. One on the left is a cheapo Con-Air brush...I like using it to detangle. The one on the right is a round, boar bristle brush from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I use it to blow out my hair and give it volume, softness and straightness.

You also need a blow dryer. This one is a cheap travel blow dryer I use.

I also use a flat iron and silk serum. If you want to see my former review on this flat iron and serum, click here.

Check out the video tutorial!



Thanks for watching!