Pics of the Dramatic Makeup from the Wedding Rehearsal!

Hi Bellas!

Sorry for the delay of post today! I had to be at work by 6:45 am this morning and it was a long day. However, I like to post Monday through Friday on a regular basis because I believe in keeping this blog updated for my readers. Now that I'm home with a few minutes to spare, I wanted to show you pictures from my bestie's Wedding Rehearsal and dinner.

My bestie is Trinidadian with Indian/Arabic Roots. She wanted to show off her culture in the Wedding rehearsal by dressing up her bridal party in the traditional garb of saris, bindis and dramatic makeup. Of course I was excited to make everyone up...this kind of makeup is definitely my favorite. Check out the pics!

Here I am starting the bride. You can click on pics to expand.

You can see that I'm doing the scotch tape trick to keep a clean edge to the eyeshadow.

Here's the final look without the lips...the pizza had just arrived so I planned on finishing her later.

We added the sari and a bindi...looks amazing already!

Isn't she gorgeous?

I did my good friend Melissa...I pretty much matched the eyes to the Saris that each bridesmaid wore...I don't usually like to match makeup to clothes...but this was an exception.

In these looks I actually added glitter for an extra bit of sparkle.

For Saiesha's niece I did a smokey look with silver, gray and blue.

For Ashley I did a fusion of bright pink and purple...a very popular combination.

For my bestie Alex she's actually rocking red and purple glitter with bronze in her crease. The pictures don't do this look any looked amazing in person.

Here I am making up one of the ushers Brooke.

I added green shadow to go with the green in her Sari and used a purple from my 96 palette to contour the eyes.

I was last to get wrapped in my this point I was exhausted lol...12 makeovers later, lol.

I took some candid makeup shots in the car ride over the rehearsal.

Here's a close up of my makeup. I used gold and fuscia glitter on my eyes and cut the crease with bronze.

The sari was my favorite color!

Check out the bride's hot mom! I did a soft smokey gray eye on her but you can't tell behind the glasses.

The gorgeous bride!

Me and bestie!

Bridesmaids and usher shot! Don't the Saris just look gorgeous!

Best friends shot!

A full shot of my Sari after all the festivities.

That's all folks! Stay tuned for pictures from the wedding day!

Atlanta Makeup Artist