Halloween Makeup - Easy Half-Dead Zombie Look

Hi Bellas,

Back with another tutorial! This was a last minute edition to my Halloween Makeup series that I filmed on Tuesday. My boyfriend has this weird obsession with zombie movies...this year he really wanted to rock it out as a half-dead zombie.

This look is so easy to do...all you need it your 88, 96, 120 palette (or any red, black, purple and blue eyeshadows) ..whichever one you have...some glue stick, lash or school glue, toilet paper...and your regular foundation.

This is probably the only time the boyfriend will let me put makeup on him, lol. As I told him in the video, come on...rappers wear foundation too! he he

Enjoy the tutorial!

The final look! This is a jazzed up version Mike made in photoshop to amp up the lighting...you can see how it looks in person in the vid.

Tonight I'll upload the Cheetah girl Vid. Stay tuned!

Atlanta Makeup Artist