Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Makeup - Tiger Mask Tutorial

Hi Bellas!

This is my first Halloween tutorial this year. I decided to challenge myself and go for an animal mask - this is inspired by other YouTube Gurus Petrilude and Makeup By Risa who came up with some really cool animal tutorials as well.

I pretty much printed off a couple of pictures off the internet for inspiration and came up with it as I filmed, lol. If you have a light foundation, dark foundation, and some black eyeliner and pink lipstick, you can pretty much create this look! Throw on a cute black outfit and heels and you're a sexy tiger!

Check out my video tutorial for more!

Here's What I Used (All Graftobian Unless Otherwise Mentioned):

-black velvet kohl liner (wing out eyes)
-white cream foundation (shape eyes)

-oxyderm moisturizer to prime skin
-white cream foundation to create shape of face
-coffee kohl liner to draw shape of nose
-a darker shade of graftobian cream foundation and powder foundation to set
-black smoke mineral e/s to begin drawing tiger stripes then darken with Eve Pearl black liquid liner
-on nose I used a combo of pink lipstick and pink blush

-white cream foundation to nude out lips
-black velvet kohl liner on lips
-costume vampire teeth


Noor said...

you are an artist!!!! amazing!!!What talent!!!!!congrats!!

kisss....miau!!!!!!! jjejjeje

Sunkissed Nina said...

Awesome look, Ms. Ren!!!! xD

Jasmin said...

beautiful! i love the look for halloween!

Katie Ms. Cocktail Smarty said...

Wow Amazing Ren Ren the looks you create as you go usually turn out the best I feel like. I love it!

alien man?! said...

omg i thought you were wearing an actual mask for a second there. great job!

jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

you look really really really nice! I asked my 6th year old son to see your picture and he asked if you could do a MUMMY look for him to copy? LOL

i said, "Just wrap yourself up with toilet paper!"


seriously, this is fabulous!

Nicole said...

Wow! I really thought when I first saw this that you had something artificial on around you mouth to make this look!! (other than makeup of course!) It really has a lot of depth! Love it!! I requested you do a 40's pin up girl look on one of your contest posts. Please!!! I really want to rock it out and I need your help!!

Arezu said...

Fierce! You did a really good job!

Amina said...


SepiaAngel78 said...

I'm cracking up on jojoba's response to her son...lol!! That was great.

This is freakin' awesome...chile, you got mad skills. :o)

yummy411 said...

this is so hawt! great job