Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner - Arabic Inspired Makeup

Hi Bellas!

It's a short post today. Sorry for no post yesterday but I took the day off work for my bestie's wedding rehearsal & dinner. I needed to take the entire day because we had a lot of beauty prep to do, lol.

The day began with a nail appointment to get our french manis and pedis at 9:30am. Then, I was in charge of doing makeup for the entire wedding party (bride plus 8 bridesmaids) as well as a mom, sister-in-law and usher.

However, it wasn't normal bridal makeup. I'm actually not doing makeup for the day of the wedding, my friend hired a makeup artist and he's doing everyone's makeup including mine! She wanted me to relax and enjoy being a part of the bridal party. After doing yesterday's makeup for about 6.5 hours straight, I'm so glad to sit back and relax today!

So for the rehearsal dinner, I did dramatic Arabic Inspired makeup! My bestie was born in Trinidad with Arabic roots...she's doing a traditional Western wedding with the white dress and everything. But she decided to incorporate her culture by having the bridal party dress up in Saris, Bindis, Bangles and of course dramatic makeup!

Here is a run-through I did for the bride last week. When I did the look yesterday I jazzed it up with glitter and I thought it looked amazing...I can't wait to show you all the pictures. It's definitely a blessing to be able to make up the bride when she's been your best friend since elementary school.

This is an example of what the bridesmaids wore. I picked a color from the Sari, smoked it out, and added a little brown in the crease and called it a day. I can't wait to show you the actual pictures, it turned out even better than I expected.

Today is the wedding, I'm excited! And this time, I get to sit back and relax and have somebody else do my makeup, he he. Have a great weekend!

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Jasmin said...

gorgeous pics! love your work!

* Jen * said...

You and your bestie look stunning! =)

Milena said...

AWWW can't wait to see the pics Congrats to your bestie!! and your work is always fabu!


Bianca said...

Arabic or Indian?

I was in a Trini-Indian wedding before - it was beautiful!!

rayqueenbee said...

Very pretty looks! :)

Yousuf said...
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Angela said...

wow that is an amazing look
it is so pretty
i wish i could be that talented

and btw im a new follower and love your blog

nee said...

very beautiful :)

yours truly said...

wow nice looks. loving the first one especially.

beautylogicblog said...

ren I can't take how talented you are. Wow, all the looks are amazing. She's stunning by the way!