Monday, September 21, 2009

Real Housewives of Atlanta - Nene Leaks Inspired Alter Ego Look

Hi Bellas,

I was super excited to do today's look. I used one of my favorite shows "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" as my inspiration. Recently, the cast participated in a series of alter ego photos with famous Atlanta celebrity photographer, Derek Blanks. When watching this episodes, I was excited to see some super dramatic makeup. My favorite housewife, Nene Leakes, was rocking a smokey eye featuring red glitter on her lid. I loved it so much I decided to do a tutorial. Again, I used one of my favorite lines, Graftobian Cosmetics.

Here is the final image from Nene's Alter ego shoot. She plays two roles: the stripper on the left, and the uppity housewife on the right. Unfortunately you can't see Nene's makeup up close, but her eyes match her red and black corset top.

***Credit to Derek Blanks Photography

Check out the video tutorial!

Here is my interpretation of the look. Unfortunately I could only find one picture of the look, the pictures seemed to have disappeared from my memory card. Make sure to check out the video tutorial to see the whole look and how I created it.

Here's What I Used (All Graftobian Unless Otherwise Mentioned):

-white cream foundation
-red e/s from Fantaseyes Palette
-black smoke mineral e/s
-white whip mineral e/s
-red glitter
-white luster shimmer power (brow bone)
-Steelo Earth Brown brow liner and brown mineral e/s from Graftobian palette
-kohl pencil in black velvet
-red cherry lashes

-cream foundation from warm super cream palette
-dual finish powder
-blush from warm blush palette

-Steelo mocha pencil
-lipstick from Super Lip palette
-vanilla spice lipgloss from lip palette

Lastly, the winner of the Graftobian Lip palette is Commenter #249 "Beyond Outer Beauty". Congrats girl! You have till Wednesday at midnight eastern standard time to claim your prize or i'll give it out for another giveaway.

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audgepodge said...

Gorgeous look! I love the makeup on the RHoA! (I actually suggested it as a contest theme on your YouTube - haha)

Great job!

Dedeca&Nessa said...

hii RenRen first sorry if a'll made any mistake i have to work on my inglish. Its been a while since i visit your blog and utube but i think its the first time a let a comment:S but anyway im a huuuugeeee fan of yours! dont stop impressing us with your amazing talent! Kiss & lots of love!

Askmewhats said...

oh my, the color combination of your eyeshadow is just stunning!

lifeis. said...

that look is fierce girl! love it.. and congrats to the winner!

mina said...

Love that look on you, Ren!
NeNe is a trip! I couldn't believe it when she claimed to be a size 10! LOL

DanniNicolle said...

I freaking love this.. So gorgeous

Beyond Outer Beauty said...

This look is awesome. I can't believe how good Graftobian products are. I am stuck on using the Hi-Def Creme Foundations. I can't wait to try the rest of their products.

Beyond Outer Beauty said...

Thanks @ lifeis !! Appreciate that!!

Katie Ms. Cocktail Smarty said...

Gorrrrjuzz RenRen!! SO Fierce! :)

Daniellie said...

wuuu! Strong and sexy look!

Jasmin said...

gorgeous!! love the look. love the way the tutorial looks. i always try your looks.. well, different colors, since i don't have the exact ones you have. HAHHA!

Laura-Libby said...

So, cool. I loved this look when I saw the show1 Id love to see some of the other looks too, but this one was the most dramatic. Can't wait to try this out!

angel said...

omg, that is the hotness! i so would wear that in the club!

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

That look is amazing!!!! I'm iching to try to 'dupe' it!!! I'm going to have to use pink b/c I don't have any red glitter.
I'm moving to ATL in a month hope to meet you some time :)

Vixxan said...

WOW!!! Very pretty. Since it's NeNe we are talking about I expected something crazy looking but this is nice.

LaDonna said...

Holy hannah! Ren, you are gorgeous, but this look is incredible on you!!

The colors make your skin tone exquisite and your eyes, whew!

Beautiful beautiful work!

Le Midget said...

That looks soo good on you! I'm going to try it! I just wish I had some red reflects :( !

lelo said...

i love it. i need to try that look on a client.

Eclecticldy said...

love this...looks much better on you than NeNe :) I've been sleeping on my graftobian lip palette.