L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer Instant Action Self-Tanning Lotion

Hi Bellas,

With the last days of summer ahead of us, I'm trying to hold onto my tan as long as possible! I'm of Pacific Islander (Filipino) descent, so I usually have somewhat of a tan year round. However, my skin does tend to get a bit sallow as it fades into the colder months. I no longer use tanning beds (yes, I used to do this before, I know I'm bad) and don't really lie out to tan. I'm trying to preserve my skin and avoid sun damage. As a result, in the last year or so I've been relying on Sunless tanners to give me that coveted bronzed glow.

I've been using Jergens Golden Glow express for a while now, but I had a chance to use a new product, L'oreal Sublime Bronze.

First Application
When I first tried this, I was surprised because it's so different from the Jergens version. This one actually comes out like a Brown Gel with gold glitters. My Jergens came out like a normal, white colored lotion. I prepped like I normally would by showering and exfoliating all over. I then like to rub this into slightly damp skin. After first application I noticed a huge difference. My skin looked nice and bronzy. The lotion leaves pretty gold shimmers onto the skin - bonus!

How Did It Hold Up?
A few hours later, I did a recheck and noticed a little bit of streaking - uh oh! I reapplied the product the next day and the difference is that I made sure to rub the product in until it was completely dry. Then I was streak free! My glow has lasted a while, I'm pretty impressed actually. The product instructions state to use this daily until you achieve your desired color, and then use once a week to touch up.

-large bottle
-you get significantly tan from one use
-pretty gold shimmers
-affordable and easily available in the drugstore
-dries quick, and transfer resistant

-not for those who want a gradual/subtle tan
-to me, this still has that self-tanner smell
-if you don't like shimmer and gold flecks, this isn't for you.

I really like this product. I think this will replace my former HG Jergens Global Glow. The bottle is also much bigger and I find that the product lasts a lot longer. I'm definitely using this for my bestie's wedding on October 2nd with our tea length bridesmaid dresses. Matter of fact, i'm using this year round. I would definitely recommend.

Atlanta Makeup Artist