L'Oreal Revitalift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair 24HR Eye Duo Review

Hi Bellas,

If you follow me on my blog, you know that this year i've made a definite focus on skincare and prevention. Even though you may not see definite signs of aging and wrinkles, it's still important to have a skin routine to repair your skin now, and prevent future damage. The key is to work now at keeping your skin as young looking as possible.

One of the products I definitely recommend is an eye cream. This is the most delicate skin on our face. If you do a lot of makeup looks, we take a toll on this area and it's important to use an eye cream to restore moisture and keep it line free.

I recently had the opportunity to try out L'Oreal Revitalift Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream. I had heard of this line before but never tried any of the products.

What It Claims (From the L'Oreal Website)

Delicate eye skin requires special special care around the clock. Revitalift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair 24HR Eye Duo is L'Oreal's first 24 hour eye treatment. It provides SPF15 protection during the day and fiber-restoring action at night. The formula, made with Pro Retinol A, helps to repair broken skin fibers and smooth out the surface of deep set eye wrinkles. It is clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of deep-set wrinkles, leaving you with younger looking eyes.

First impressions
This is a double sided tube, one side for the AM (includes sunscreen) and one for the PM (night repair ingredients). I actually think this is brilliant since a lot of eye creams are pretty heavy, especially during the day time. Also, I love anything that has sunscreen in it! Gotta love the dual use products.

Trying It Out
The consistency is similiar to lotion - liquidy but not runny. It does not have any weird smells. At first application, I noticed it stung a little but this quickly went away. During the day, the eye cream dries to a film-like layer on top of my eye. It seems like the product almost gathers and clumps. If I happen to rub my eye, I'll get little clumps of residue. I didn't notice this at night because I was sleeping :)

I've been using it over the last few weeks and my eye area pretty much looks the same. However, I don't have any deep set wrinkles. It does feel moisturized which is a good base for eye makeup. However, I really don't like the filmy residue it produces. This tends to interfere with eyeshadow application. For that reason I wouldn't buy again. I prefer eye creams that sink into the skin.

You can check this product in the skincare aisle of your local drugstore.

Atlanta Makeup Artist