Introducing the Beauty Clique

Hi Bellas,

You might remember me doing a post a few weeks ago on my beauty clique here in the ATL. It is made up of myself, Joy, Michelle, and Leslie. We're all beauty bloggers/life bloggers and we thought it would be fun to form a little group. We gained inspiration from other groups like the Pretty Committee :)

We decided to film our first video about a week ago answering all of our readers' most frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, there have been technical difficulties with the video, so I'll do a recap!

Skincare Recommendations That Are Affordable
-Witch Hazel as Astringent
-If you have serious skin issues, please visit a dermatologist for assistance

Affordable Makeup Brushes
-Kirkland Brush Set from Costco
-Sonia Kashuk Brushes from Target
-Essence of Beauty Brushes from CVS
-Brushes online from

Freelancing as a Makeup Artist
-In most states a license isn't required
-We were all self-taught
-Learn by assisting other makeup artists

Sorry about the lack of video. I think the problem is that the BF filmed it in a different quality setting which went and messed everything up, lol. We'll do better next time!

Atlanta Makeup Artist