Dove Body Wash Review and Giveaway!

Hi Bellas,

I recently had the opportunity to test out Dove's new line of Body Washes. They gave me three different ones to try, so I enlisted the help of two of my friends who are regular body wash users.
Here are our reviews!

Option 1: Dove Body Wash - Sensitive Skin
I chose this product since I do have sensitive skin. I was a little reluctant to try since I'm more of a bar soap type of girl, but I still wanted to give it a fair review.

-Nice, clean smell
-Feels soft and milky skin felt more moisturized using this than regular bar soap
-Didn't irritate my sensitive skin
-Not much lather, didn't feel as if I was getting super clean
-A lot of product comes out of the bottle opening, I feel like I'm wasting it!
Would I Repurchase?: Probably not, I'm a bar soap kind of girl.

Option 2: Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture
My friend had already tried this body wash while visiting a friend and testing out her bottle. I told her I was about to review it and she was so excited already!

-Clean smelling
-Rich and thick and very creamy
-Left my skin feeling soft and refreshed
-No residue or dry feeling at all

-I found that this product did not create much lather. That was fine with me for I don’t really care for bubbles.

Would You Repurchase?: This is a wonderful product. I plan to continue using it.

Option 3: Dove Body Wash Exfoliating
I gave this body wash to my bestie Alex because I thought she might like the exfoliating beads. She's a Body Wash Guru so I knew she would really test this product out.

-Liked the exfoliating Beads
-Nice Lather

-Had a clean fresh smell, but I prefer the permune smell.
-The design of the bottle was not very appealing. Didn't seem to be targeted towards women, more of a generic look. Don't like how you can't store the bottle upside down when soap gets low.
Would You Repurchase? No, I like it, but wouldn't repurchase.
As you can see, we all have different impressions of this Body Wash. Overall, I think it's a good quality body wash, but it really comes down to your preference on smell, bottle shape, etc. You can try these out yourself buy checking them out at your local drugstore.
Giveaway Alert Giveaway Alert Giveaway Alert!!!
Dove has given me three of these body washes to give away. All you have to do is be a follower of this blog and leave me a comment telling me which one you'd like to try. Easy right? I'll announce the winners on Friday!
Good luck!