Thursday, September 10, 2009

Introducing the Beauty Clique

Hi Bellas,

You might remember me doing a post a few weeks ago on my beauty clique here in the ATL. It is made up of myself, Joy, Michelle, and Leslie. We're all beauty bloggers/life bloggers and we thought it would be fun to form a little group. We gained inspiration from other groups like the Pretty Committee :)

We decided to film our first video about a week ago answering all of our readers' most frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, there have been technical difficulties with the video, so I'll do a recap!

Skincare Recommendations That Are Affordable
-Witch Hazel as Astringent
-If you have serious skin issues, please visit a dermatologist for assistance

Affordable Makeup Brushes
-Kirkland Brush Set from Costco
-Sonia Kashuk Brushes from Target
-Essence of Beauty Brushes from CVS
-Brushes online from

Freelancing as a Makeup Artist
-In most states a license isn't required
-We were all self-taught
-Learn by assisting other makeup artists

Sorry about the lack of video. I think the problem is that the BF filmed it in a different quality setting which went and messed everything up, lol. We'll do better next time!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


xLovelyMakeupx said...

i think thats awesome your clique i mean =] sucks that ur video didnt work.

Kell said...

sonia kashuk brushes are amazing! i was so glad to see them on there. i found a set with a cute little case on clearance for $10! couldn't believe it. sorry about the videos :( im sure you'll be able to get one up sooner or later!


KiLLaCaM said...

that's great to get insight from different artists and beauty buffs. I wanna see a video!

lipstick cherry said...

u ladies are too cute! cant wait to read more from you guys!

yours truly said...

i would have loved to see the video. gorgeous pic of you all. looking forward to the next beauty clique feature tho.

ladybubblepop said...

love the pics

sara said...

cute and classy! [:
love it.

yummy411 said...

aww yay for the beauty clubs nationwide! i love it! can't wait to see when you guys get the vid together ;)

lifeis. said...

love the pictures! you guys are soo pretty!

Mykeshia said...

Hey Ren,

Can you give links to the other members?


ngocupham said...

I think this is really a cute idea that you guys join together and just talk about makeup stuff

May said...